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Hidden Gems in Cusco for Spanish students

Saturday November 16, 2019 - Posted by to Student life in Cusco
Hidden Gems in Cusco for Spanish students

Hidden Gems in Cusco for Spanish students

So you just made it to Peru, and you will learn Spanish in Peru in Cusco – in the wonderful and picturesque town of the Incas. You will dive into the culture and find new, exotic places to eat, explore, and dance! You are interested in the Spanish language and the culture, so you likely do not want to be the typical tourist. So where will you go, then? What will you do? Discover Hidden gems in Cusco for Spanish students.

Cusco has plenty of classic and popular places popular for tourists and travellers in Peru. Indigo, Limbos, and Papachos, for example, attract many tourists, and for a good reason! However, it is always satisfying to find a secret place that the majority of tourists don’t know about, or only locals find their way. Taking Spanish classes in Cusco, you want something more. You want to explore the Peruvian culture as it is. Keep reading, because we give you our favourite “hole in the wall” places around Cusco for our Spanish students, that not your everyday tourist in Cusco will know about. Be ready to do some exploring in Cusco.


Hidden Gems in Cusco for Spanish students


Coffee Shops in Cusco

There are infinite coffee shops in Cusco. The obvious ones reside in the Plaza de Armas (e.g. Starbucks) but here are some hidden ones that you may not know about.

  • Qosqo Maki — Qosko Maki is located close to the center on avenida Tullumay 465. They serve excellent coffees, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes, and bakery items. Our favorite from this little shop is the pizza bread!
  • The Meeting Place — f you are craving a delicious milkshake, The Meeting Place is where you should drop in. They are famous for their gourmet milkshakes. The Meeting Place is located in San Blas. They have a pleasant, chill atmosphere. You can enjoy some storybooks as you enjoy your food or drink. They exclusively sell organic coffee. Another unique aspect of The Meeting Place is that volunteers entirely employ it and all the proceeds go to support local causes. (If you want to do volunteer work in Cusco too, and see another side of Peru, check out our volunteer program in Peru).
  • Misky— You won’t miss Misky coffee if you are walking by their shop. The smell of fresh ground coffee will surely lure all coffee fanatics into their shop. They sell a delicious cup of coffee or take some home! They have beans and ground coffee for sale. Find them on Maruri street.


The Meeting Place - Hidden Gems in Cusco


Markets in Cusco

The Peruvian markets are famous and you have probably heard about San Pedro. But there are more markets, where the locals go.

  • Plaza Tupac Amaru— This fair opens every Friday in the mornings until the early afternoon. It truly has a little bit of everything. You can find plants, household items, food, souvenirs, and more. This fair is loud, chaotic, and populous. Vendors proudly announce their products as customers pass by, and customers are everywhere. They come early to take advantage of the fresh mornings produce.There is no shortage of food at this fair. When lunchtime rolls around, numerous vendors set up shop for hungry clients. They sell typical cusqueñean meals as well as special meals such as chiriuchu, cuy, chicarrón, and ceviche, to name a few.Occasionally, common people use Plaza Tupac Amaru as a performance stage. These free performances can be comic skits or dance acts. These are free performances, but if you wish, there is always an option to give a tip to show your support and appreciation.


Markets in Cusco - Hidden Gems in Cusco


Towns nearby Cusco

  • Calca — In the Northern tip of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a small, underrated district resides. It is a hidden away town in the North of Cusco. Calca is an ideal place to relax and set your mind at ease. It has untouched ruins, and you can bike in the mountains. You will enjoy it for the year-round warm weather and the natural hot springs.Just north of Calca, there is a town called Huchuy Qosco archaeological site. This site is famous for having much Inca architecture left untouched by the Spanish. It was even the site where the Spanish and Inca fought over the land. The Incas ultimately lost Calca and Hucuy Qosco. From there, the Spanish went on to conquer Cusco.In Manchacancha are the hot springs of Calca. There are three large pools, a place to change and store belongings.
  • Huaro — Huaro is located approximately an hour and a half southwest of Cusco. It is located on a hill that overlooks the countryside. Here you can visit the temple of Huaro, the San Juan Bautista temple. This temple was built in the 17th century and is filled with wall paintings.


Towns nearby Cusco - Hidden Gems in Cusco


Restaurants in Cusco

  • Povea — There are several Poveas around Cusco. There are two located in the city centre of Cusco and other scattered around Avenida de la Cultura. These bakeries have excellent empanadas for five soles. (Our favourite: the chicken empanada!). They also have a variety of bread, croissants, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks.
  • El Huequito del Corazon—  This is a spectacular place to buy anticuchos, a typical Peruvian dish. At El Huequito, you find anticucho for an affordable price: heart anticuchos sell for six soles and come with delicious potatoes and sauces. They also sell chicken, choncholi, and rachi anticuchos. Additionally, they prepare papas rellenos, yucca rebosada, rocoto rellena, lechon, and more. El Huequito del Corazon is located on 2138 Avenida de la Cultura between Marcavalle and Magisterio. It is a small little shop, so keep your eyes peeled as you walk down Avenida de la Cultura.
  • Menus — Menus are especially popular among Peruvians. They cost anywhere from 5 to 8 soles. A typical ‘day menu’ includes a soup, a choice of main course, a (hot) drink and/or sometimes a Peruviandessert to follow.There is a great menu on Maruri Street called Pekkas. They charge eight soles for their daily menu. The meal comes with a large bowl of soup, a main course, and a dessert or salad bar.Along avenue Tullumayo there are several menu’s open during lunchtime. They always list their lunch menu outside there restaurant, so you know what to expect. There are even vegetarian menus along this street.


Restaurants in Cusco - Hidden Gems in Cusco


Hidden Gems in Cusco for Spanish students

After your Spanish classes are done for the day, exploring this beautiful city. Finding places that are not cliché requires adventuring outside the centre of Cusco and go into unknown territory. That is an exciting adventure to add to your Study Abroad program in Cusco. You can see Peru for who it truly is in these underrated, underpopulated hidden gems in Cusco for Spanish students.

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