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How to use public transportation in Buenos Aires

Hoe werkt het openbaar vervoer in Buenos Aires?

How to use public transportation in Buenos Aires.
When I arrived in Buenos Aires for my Spanish lessons in Argentina, I was impressed by the size of the city. I immediately understood that I urgently needed to understand how to move around quickly, in other words how to use the public transportation in Buenos Aires. The Argentine capital has so much to offer and there are so many different neighborhoods (barrios). In order to not lose time (nor money) you need to know how to transport yourself in the most convenient way.

Here you can find four modes of transportation in Buenos Aires and how to use them.

First of all, buy or get yourself a paper map! It is not advisable to use your phone in the streets of Buenos Aires. If you do decide to use it, watch it carefully because before you know it it’s gone… There are a lot of pickpockets around and they are always smarter than you. You might get a map in your hostel or residence or otherwise you ask at the school administration.


First thing you need to do when using public transportation in Buenos Aires is to buy a SUBE card. This will save you a whole lot of time, if is safer and very easy to use. Before you can use it you have to put some money on it. You can charge your SUBE card at every metro station in Buenos Aires and in almost every Kiosco (in the very small and old ones probably not). You have to check in once and the amount will be taken off of your card. A nice thing to know is that if you are travelling with the metro or subte, as it ‘s called in Argentina, the amounts will decrease. When traveling by metro, keep your in front of you and especially if it is very crowded you should pay close attention. Keep in mind that you can only take the subte until 23.00, after this time most of them are out of service.

The second most popular transport to use in Buenos Aires is the bus or colectivo. The most convenient about them is that they drive 24/7. The SUBE card can be used here as well. Tell the driver where you want to go to and he will tell you how much you have to pay and you can check in. Remember there are no signs in the bus that will inform you about the route. So if you travel to an unknown destination, ask the driver to tell you where to get off.


Going home after a night of clubbing in Buenos Aires? The best and safest way to get home is to take a taxi. When you only have big money ask beforehand if the driver has change or cambio. Preferably take a radio taxi; these are more trustworthy and less likely to charge you more than necessary.

You can only use the trains if you want to leave the city of Buenos Aires. They used to be very old and dirty however, Buenos Aires recently got brand new trains.

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