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Individual Spanish lessons in Cusco: 10 Benefits

Wednesday October 12, 2022 - Posted by to Student life in Cusco
Individual Spanish Lessons in cusco 10 benefits

Spanish Group classes are a great way to learn Spanish with other Spanish students who came to Cusco with the same goal as you: to learn Spanish in Peru! Group lessons are fun: you get to know your fellow classmates, talk about different topics while learning Spanish, and have many moments of humour and laughter. In addition, Spanish Group lessons are more affordable than individual lessons, and since the groups are small, there is enough speaking time. But do you know the advantages of individual Spanish classes in Cusco?

Exclusive one-on-one lessons with a native-speaking experienced teacher offer a plethora of advantages. So why not add a few individual hours to your Spanish group course and upgrade to our combined Spanish course? Think twice: your classmates are amazing but.. …maybe they have a different learning style, or they learn faster (or slower). Or they have previous studies and experience with certain Spanish verb tenses…..or need more (or fewer) exercises than you. Or they have more (or less) trouble with certain listening exercises.. and so on. Adding individual Spanish lessons can take your Spanish learning experience to a whole new level.

Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru

# 1 – Learn Spanish at your own pace

With your own private teacher, you can spend all the time you need on a specific topic and move faster without conforming to the other students in the group. For example, suppose you’re ready with the class content for today earlier than expected. In that case, you can continue with another lesson or spend extra time doing more exercises and practising speaking with your teacher. You can also go out of the classroom for a walk, to plan a visit to a museum. Flexibility is King when you take individual lessons.

# 2 – Ask all your questions

When taking private lessons, you can ask all the questions you wish to one of our Spanish language experts. How cool is that? No one will interrupt you, and no ‘boring faces’ from your classmates when you raise your hand (again)…. Ask all you want, and you’ll get immediate answers and straightforward explanations. So make sure to take advantage of that while learning Spanish in Cusco!

# 3 – You get more speaking time

Did you realize that the entire class is dedicated to you when taking individual Spanish lessons? This means, among others: more speaking time for you! And more speaking time means faster learning!

Private Spanish in Cusco

# 4 – Reach your goals

You don’t need to review topics you already master or learn things that do not fit your goals. For example, your individual professor can focus on Spanish for business if you want to learn Spanish because of an upcoming work trip.

Do you learn Spanish to understand your favourite Netflix shows better? Your Spanish tutor will incorporate more listening comprehension. Is your goal to speak Spanish for travelling in Peru? Learn ‘survival Spanish’ that will help you during our travels. Think about your short-term goals, and make sure to communicate them to your teacher!

# 5 – Improve your pronunciation

During a private class, the teacher has more time to give attention to your pronunciation and phrasing and help you speak like a native. This is more difficult in a group class. You will feel encouraged to practice your Spanish pronunciation and get feedback without worrying about slowing down your classmates in the group course. Also, there is time to learn specific idioms and Spanish phrases. Maybe you even learn some Peruvian slang!

# 6 – You choose your schedule

You are the master of your class schedule! If you prefer taking classes in the morning*, you can dedicate your afternoons to discovering the city of Cusco! If, on the other hand, you prefer staying in bed in the AM – or visiting museums that are closed during the afternoon – you can ask your Spanish lessons to take place after lunch*. *subject to availability

# 7 – Study while exploring the city of Cusco

Not only your time schedule is somehow more flexible, but also the place where you study can vary. Are you tired of sitting in the classroom? What about going to the main square with your teacher, or to a café, or going for a walk during the last half an hour for some extra speaking exercises in the sun?

Explore Cusco during private lessons

You can plan to visit typical locations and places of interest with your teacher, like the Inca Museum, the Cathedral, the Temple of the Sun, or many other Cusco highlights. Discover Cusco and the hidden gems with your Spanish teacher!

# 8 – Relaxed atmosphere

If you are a bit shy and don’t like to read a text out loud or speak Spanish, private classes offer a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. You will be more comfortable practicing your Spanish skills alone with your teacher, without worrying about your fellow students watching you.

# 9 – You learn Spanish while having fun

The material used will be more tailored to your preferences. You will also build a more personal relationship with your Spanish teacher and will soon start looking forward to that one-on-one time.

Note: did you know that after leaving Peru, you can continue to take online Spanish lessons with your favorite teacher?

# 10 – Save time and money learning Spanish

While the price of a private class might be higher than that of a Spanish group course, you are saving time and money because you are learning Spanish faster. Who knows, you will spend less than if you only take group classes – and speak Spanish more confidently.

As you see, private classes are an excellent investment, and you’ll be amazed at how much progress with your Spanish you can make with a private tutor! Now the choice is up to you! We hope the article “Individual Spanish lessons in Cusco: 10 Benefits” helped you decide what is best for you.


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