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Learning Spanish in Cusco: 5 Things You Should Know

Thursday April 23, 2015 - Posted by to Spanish Schools in Latin America
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Learning Spanish in Cusco: 5 Things You Should Know


Learning Spanish in Cusco is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I highly recommend. Cusco – the main travelers attraction of Peru – is a safe, fun, cosmopolitan, and cultured city—and in my opinion, an ideal place to learn Spanish. Hopefully you agree and have also decided to study Spanish in Cusco. If so, here are five things you should know before studying Spanish in Cusco.


1) Cusco can be cold. Although the average high in Cusco is 17-19º C year round, it can get really chilly at night—especially in the winter! Cusco’s winter is from mid-June to mid-September, and during this time the lows average close to 0°C. Furthermore, most houses and hotels do not have heaters, making it really hard to warm up. Thus, make sure you bring plenty of warm clothes!!


2) Eat away from the main plaza. Although there are many good restaurants, bars, and discotheques close to the Plaza de Armas, generally it’s best—in terms of price per quantity of food—to eat further away from the main plaza. It is not uncommon for a meal near the Plaza de Armas to cost you 25 soles or more, while it’s possible to get a three-course meal for 6 to 12 soles further away from the plaza. At these less touristy restaurants, just tell them you want el menú del día (todays menu). This usually includes the starter and soup of the day and your choice of entrée—although the entrées usually change daily so make sure they have an entrée you like!


3) Check your bills. Counterfeit bank notes and coins are both common throughout Peru—so be on the lookout! Luckily, you can easily verify a bank note’s authenticity by holding the note into light and checking for its watermark and security thread. The watermark should be the face of the person on the note, and the security thread says “Peru” along with the domination of the note. here are more tips about Money Issues in Peru.


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4) Haggle. Haggle for everything, especially with taxis and vendors at the market and on the street. It is not uncommon for vendors and taxis to initially ask gringos (tourists) for a huge price markup. At the market you should always counter their first price with at least a 50% price reduction, then slowly compromise to a final price. With taxis, prices vary widely depending on your desired destination and time of day, but generally a taxi should cost no more than 3-4 soles during the day and 5-6 soles late at night.


5) Cusco is a fun and cosmopolitan city.   When studying Spanish in Cusco, you are guaranteed to meet many new friends from around the world—and have a good time while you’re at it! Cusco has a vibrant night scene, with tourists and Cusqueños filling the discotheques almost every night of the week. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to hear German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and possibly even more languages in a single night out! Studying Spanish in Cusco guarantees the opportunity to make friends from all corners of the world and enjoy yourself while you study Spanish in Peru!



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