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Living at the AMAUTA Student Residence in Cusco

Friday May 31, 2024 - Posted by to Student life in Cusco
Students learn spanish Cusco Peru

The AMAUTA residence is a fantastic place to live and explore the city while you’re studying Spanish with us in Cusco. Opened to suit the needs of our many students who prefer to live with other students rather than in a hostel or with a host family, living is our student housing is perfect if you’d like a bit more freedom while you’re studying Spanish while still enjoying a sociable, friendly atmosphere in the heart of central Cusco.

Read on to find out more about why so many of our students choose to live in our residence in downtown Cusco.

1. Save time – live where you study

Never be late – you couldn’t possibly be closer to the location of your Spanish classes in Cusco!

The student residence is located within the same building as our Spanish school, meaning all you have to do in the morning is roll out of bed and head downstairs. Here the students live together in shared apartments with a common living room kitchen and bathroom.

Planning to do any extra private classes in the afternoons or come along to any of our free student evening activities, from cocktail-making classes to Friday night salsa lessons? No need to trek back and forth from your accommodation multiple times in one day – living on-site makes it super easy and saves you time that you can use to explore Cusco, hang out with new friends or simply take some downtime to recharge between classes.


Living Amauta student residence Cusco


2. Super-central location

The residence is just off the Plaza de San Blas, one of the best places to stay in Cusco – sure, we might be biased, but ask around and we’re sure most travellers in the city will agree with you!

The San Blas neighbourhood boasts an array of fantastic independent cafes, restaurants and bars all within a stone’s throw of the school. The San Blas market is also just a couple of minutes from the residence and is the perfect spot for a great-value breakfast or lunch (think an avocado and egg sandwich for the equivalent of just over $1!), or to grab some fresh produce to cook yourself.

The Plaza de Armas, Cusco’s main square, is a ten-minute walk away down the ancient Incan cobbled street of Calle Hatunrumiyoc, and the city’s best museums and other tourist sights are also all within a short walk so you can easily do some sightseeing after Spanish classes.

Planning to sample the local nightlife? You’ll find most of Cusco’s best bars and clubs on Calle Tecsecocha, just a fifteen-minute walk away – or a super cheap taxi ride if you’ve indulged in a few pisco sours and don’t fancy heading back on foot!


Super Central Location


3. Sociable atmosphere

Make instant friends from the moment you arrive in Cusco – living in the residence makes it super-easy to meet other Spanish students and volunteers during your stay.

Whether you’re looking for company for dinner in the evenings or buddies to join you on weekend trips outside of Cusco, many new friendships are forged in our student residence and often students end up travelling together to other parts of Peru and South America after finishing Spanish school.
Who knows, you might even make a new friend for life!


Student Residence Cusco Peru


4. Cook for yourself (if you want!)

Prefer the option to prepare your own meals, or the flexibility to have dinner when you feel like it rather than having set mealtimes with a host family?
Staying in our student housing, you’ll have access to a shared kitchen where you can cook for yourself or join forces with other students to make dinner together in the evenings. It’s super easy to pick up fresh produce from the San Blas market around the corner or one of the supermarkets just a short walk away.

And if you’re not feeling like cooking after a long day exploring the city, just pop into one of the great local restaurants – San Blas has eateries with all types of cuisine to suit any budget, and there are plenty more around if you go a little further afield to the Plaza de Armas. Check out our guide to Cusco’s best restaurants for some insider tips on where to wine and dine!


Cooking meals residence Cusco Peru


5. Comfortable, safe shared facilities

Our cozy student rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay, whether you’re here for a week or planning longer-term studies. As well as the kitchen, you’ll also have use of a shared common room, and a sunny courtyard with free WiFi.

The residence entrance is manned 24 hours by staff so you can feel totally secure throughout your stay, and there’s always someone on hand if you need assistance at any time of the day or night.


Student Residence in Cusco


Other accommodation options in Cusco

Prefer to live with a local family to immerse yourself in Peruvian culture and daily life, and practise your Spanish outside of classes? Read our top tips on what it’s like to live with a host family!

We also offer the option to combine both accommodation types – for instance, many of our participants in the AMAUTA Spanish and Volunteer program live with a host family while they’re taking Spanish classes with us, then move into the residence to live with other students while volunteering in Cusco.

One thought on “Living at the AMAUTA Student Residence in Cusco

  1. yann allegre

    I’m a French student in La Rochelle, and I’ll do an internship in Cusco for 6 months.
    I’ve been looking for a place to rent but I have to admit, I struggle finding a good place.
    Can you give me more information about the AMAUTA Residence, and tell me if I can candidate to take part of it as a roomate.
    I’ll be coming to Cusco on April 8th, and I would stay for 6 months.

    Thank you for your answer.

    Yann ALLEGRE


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