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Make 2021 your year: Spanish in Peru

Tuesday January 12, 2021 - Posted by to Spanish Language Tips
Make 2021 your year: Spanish in Peru

Make 2021 your year: Spanish in Peru

Kick-off 2021 with a new adventure! What about a Spanish Immersion program in Peru? Delve into the Peruvian culture with corona-proof activities (workshops Peruvian cooking, salsa dance lessons etc.) and field trips to beautiful and fun places in the Inca capital Cusco.

Hopefully, you can travel to Peru to learn Spanish in Cusco in 2021 to spice up your life a bit and leave 2020 behind.

In Cusco, you have the opportunity to combine a Spanish language course with travel, fun and adventure activities.

Cusco and the surrounding Sacred Valley are a great destination for all kinds of activities such as biking, rafting, or zip line.

Cusco is the gateway for a trip to Machu Picchu. You can take the train or do a hike to the famous Inca Citadel! 

If you stay at least a few weeks to learn Spanish in Peru, you will have enough time to explore this beautiful country.

You can travel to Lake Titicaca, the Colca Canyon in Arequipa; or go sandboarding in Ica or hike to Rainbow Mountain.

Another popular weekend tour is a trip to the Peruvian Amazone, at only half an hour by plane or an overnight bus.

Make 2021 your year: Spanish in Peru

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Obviously, the health and wellbeing of our students, tutors and guest families are essential.

At AMAUTA, we carefully follow the WHO guidelines about safety in our Spanish classes and during the activities and tours, that are all corona-proof.

The Spanish lessons take place in small groups, everyone uses face masks, and we follow proper social distancing.


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Is it safe to travel to Peru now?

Did you know Peru has been named a ‘safe travel destination stamp’ by the World Travel and Tourism Council?

This means that it is safe now to start planning a trip to Peru!

We are proud to announce that our travel agency Dos Manos Peru Travel has been approved by the Peruvian Ministry of Health

and the Tourism Directorate of Cusco and is now considered a “safe agency”.

Dircetur Safe Travel Seal

Gap year in Peru

Peru is also an excellent destination for a gap year. So if you are looking to spend some time abroad, you have finished high school – or need a break from your studies, or you quit a job – and are you uncertain about what to do next?

You need a break after an extended to explore the world? We hope travel to Peru will be possible in 2021.

In Peru, there are many gap year programs to choose from. In Peru, our students combine Spanish Language study, travel, fun and volunteering. Keep reading and find out why Peru is the Perfect Destination for your Gap Year!

Spanish in Peru student Machu Picchu

Make 2021 your year: Spanish in Peru

Do you want to travel to Peru to learn Spanish?

Probably you do not know yet if travel to Peru will be possible this year.

By why not start dreaming? We hope it will be!

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P.D. Why  not start preparing for a Peru trip, and take advantage of our online Spanish classes?


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