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Mother´s Day in Cusco, Peru

Friday May 12, 2017 - Posted by to Student life in Cusco
Mother´s Day in Cusco, Peru

Mother´s Day in Cusco, Peru

Mother´s Day s a holiday celebrated all around the world. When travelling in Cusco, Peru it is apparent that it is a very special day here too. At the end of April, advertisements begin appearing about what to get your mother on this significant day. As in most places of the world, the bigger companies use it as a marketing technique to bring in more money. However, the real significance of “El Día de la Madre” is for everyone to show their appreciation towards the mothers who have worked very hard to make a good life for their children. In order to get a closer look at how Mother´s Day is celebrated in Peru, I asked around our Dos Manos and AMAUTA Spanish school administration here in Cusco, Peru.

Mother Day Cusco Peru

Flor works in our travel agency Dos Manos and she is responsible for organizing all our treks Machu Picchu, such s the Inca Trail, Salkantay, Choquequiraw, and other treks. Veronica will to mass with her mom in the morning, and later they eat breakfast. She may buy her mom a cake or something to eat in the morning. Later, they spend time together and cook “Lechon al horno” which is oven-roasted pig, a typical Peruvian dish when something is celebrated. She also buys her mom a gift, possibly something nice to wear or a necklace.

Carmen is in charge of our housekeeping and also helps our chef cook with the preparation of our home meal lunch for the Spanish students living in our student residence in Cusco. Carmen is mother of four amazing kids! She says that on the Friday before Mother´s Day she goes to her daughter´s school to see a show they perform for the mothers. On Sunday in the evening she eats with her family.

Erik is one of our Spanish teachers here at AMAUTA Spanish School:

He takes his mom out to dinner wherever she would like in order to celebrate. He says that usually she chooses a typical Peruvian restaurant.

Lara has been working at AMAUTA since more than 10 years now, she is responsible for the the school administration and the organization of the accommodation of the Spanish students and volunteers in Cusco.

She has two beautiful daughters. They will make a big lunch, usually “Tallarin al horno”, baked spaghetti and go out and have a day nice.

Luz works in our travel agency Dos Manos; she is responsible for all bookings with external providers such as airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and so on:

She goes to her hometown, an hour away from the city of Cusco, to visit her mom and spend the day with her. She often cooks her something salty to eat because her mom does not like desserts too much. Whenever she has enough money she likes to buy her mother a gift.

Each person and each culture has a special way of celebrating Mother´s Day in Cusco, Peru, but all celebrate this day with the intention of honoring their mothers.

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