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How Not to Lose your Motivation when Learning Spanish

Thursday November 05, 2020 - Posted by to Spanish Language Tips
How not to lose motivation learning spanish

How Not to Lose your Motivation when Learning Spanish

Did you know that 480 million people speak Spanish worldwide? This makes Spanish the second most widely spoken language worldwide, behind Mandarin (and followed by English). Spanish is also considered the most popular language for people to learn! According to science, it takes just 588 hours on average to learn Spanish (compared to 2,200 for Mandarin).  So far so good. But here comes the bad news… Read on to understand How Not to Lose your Motivation when Learning Spanish.

Another Fact about learning Spanish!

So here comes the bad news.. ..Did you know that almost two-thirds of language learners give up during the first three months?

Why do some people achieve their goals and learn Spanish fast, while others do not?

Read on because we can help you to become successful in learning Spanish!

How to become a successful language learner!

with our Online Spanish Lessons and How Not to Lose your Motivation when Learning Spanish

#1 Mindset –

One of the main reasons that some people learn Spanish fast and others are less successful is about the right motivation and mindset. Keep in mind why you’re learning Spanish. And whatever the reason, be sure to keep it in the forefront of your mind.

But hey! You’re not alone!

If you learn Spanish Online with AMAUTA, our teachers will give you the resources you need and they’ll keep you motivated.

Rule # 1. Don’t doubt yourself. Ever.
Rule #2. Don’t hesitate any longer.

Questions? Contact us now.

#2 Focus –

There’s nothing more frustrating than repeating verb tenses, drilling lists of vocabulary, and realizing after a few weeks, that you still don’t understand a single word of what Spanish people say. And not to mention not even being able to express yourself in Spanish!

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. The goal of our Online Spanish Lessons is to have you speak Spanish from day one. At any moment, our teachers will make you feel comfortable and confident with what you have achieved.

Some students end up using more tenses than others, some have built up a vocabulary of 3000 Spanish words and others a vocabulary of 6000, but that doesn’t matter. Just take the small steps of your lesson plan every day, day after day. And speak, speak, and speak some more. And most importantly: don’t give up!

Online Spanish lessons free

#3 Personalized lesson plan –

Every student is different. We make you a personal lesson plan because we are in this together! Your success is our success.

In your personal lesson plan, we’ll include the Spanish resources that work for you, and that make you a happy learner. If you are not an avid reader in your native language, you will not be a reader in Spanish. And if you love to sing, we’ll sing in Spanish! You love to watch series? We’ll include a few nice series in Spanish we consider can help you to understand Spanish

We will help you to see what works best for you and make sure you will be successful when learning Spanish.

And, we will prove it. Why not give it a try? You can now Learn Spanish for free!



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