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Quick Guide to Cusco´s June Festivals (2015)

Friday May 22, 2015 - Posted by to Student life in Cusco
Quick Guide to Cusco’s June Festivals (2015)

‘Jubilee Month’ in the imperial city of Cusco is approaching quickly, the nicest month of the year for those who are taking a Spanish course in Cusco or doing Volunteer work in Peru. You’ll celebrate and be immersed in a series of festivals celebrating history, arts and culture, all a mix of Incan and Spanish colonial traditions – from the Christian festival of Corpus Christi to the Incan Sun Festival “Inti Raymi”, which takes place on the winter solace. The Cusco June festivals attract thousands of tourists and travelers, both foreign and national, each year. Don’t miss any event and read this short Guide to Cusco’s June Festivals (2015). Cusco is thé place to be in June!

Corpus Christi (4th)
For those you have returned only recently from the Qoyllur Riti Festival (May 31 – Jun 2), high up in the Peruvian Andes, just get yourself ready for the next celebration: Corpus Christi. Meaning the body of Christ in Latin, Corpus Christi is celebrated sixty weeks after Easter Sunday. Thousands of Peruvian people will watch the processions of fifteen saints and virgins, who arrive from different parts of the city to the cathedral of Cusco where people gather to “greet” the body of Christ. The festival is celebrated with fervor in Cusco where they hold one of the most impressive festivals of Peru. After the processions the saints are displayed in the cathedral and the doors will remain open to those who wish to take in the spectacular sight. There will be plenty of people and plenty of Peruvian food and music on the streets.
Where: Plaza de Armas of Cusco and the surrounding streets.


Qeswachaka (June 5th – June 8th)
The traditional time to rebuild the famous Inca Bridge of Qeswachaka is in the second week of June every year. People from many villages come together each year for the ceremony of preparing the grass, weaving and binding it across the river to the eucalyptus trunks. The people here continue to build the bridge each year not because they can´t build a modern bridge but to keep this centuries old tradition alive. It is possible for tourists to visit and see the ceremony taking place – AMAUTA students can contact our staff or go do Dos Manos Travel for more information.
Where: Province of Canas at aprox. 4 hours by car from Cusco

Folk Parades (12th – 22nd)
Parades of dancers full of color and displaying their beautiful traditional dress, perform dances from their individual regions. The performances and costumes will be worked on months in advance.
Where: Plaza de Armas of Cusco


Night of light and sound (20th)
One of the most fun festivals in Cusco will be celebrated this year on the 20th of June, people arriving to the Plaza as the sun sets can enjoy the street food and drinks on sale while they listen to the bands playing, later there will be a firework and laser show which lights up the sky. Many people continue the party into the night.
Where: Plaza de Armas of Cusco

Civil Parade (23rd)
A huge parade to celebrate the imperial city of Cusco and its citizens. More than 3 thousand Cusquenans arrive from all over the region and finish in the Plaza de Armas.
Where: Plaza de Armas of Cusco


Inti Raymi (24th)
The Sun festival was celebrated by the Incas each winter solstice to honor the sun god and earth mother and to ask for continued abundance and good harvests. It would have included performing rituals, sacrifices and feasting. Although the festival was almost lost due to being banned by the Spanish it was re-established in the 1940, based on historic chronicles. Now each year the festival takes place in the Inca site of Sacsayhuaman just above Cusco, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to Cusco each year.
Where: Inti Raymi kicks off at Ccoricancha & the Plaza de Armas of Cusco. From midday on: Sacsahuaman.

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