Review AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco

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Review AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco

Review AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco

Superintensive Spanish course

If you need to learn Spanish very quicky, the AMAUTA Super Intensive Total Immersion Program is your best choice. Many participants of this Spanish course need to learn Spanish fast, mainly for employment reasons. Our Super Intensive Spanish course in Peru is tailor-made based on a total immersion model. You will study Spanish with a private teacher in the morning (for four hours) followed by lunch with your teacher (one hour) to practice conversation skills. After lunch, the afternoon will be spent visiting places of interest in the city of Cusco (three hours). You will continue your Spanish learning and you will practise language, nor only with your teachers but with many local people as well. Plus, you will learn about many aspects of Peruvian culture and history. Talking to and living with native speakers if the best language training you can possibly get and if you make Spanish part of your daily life – as this program does for you – success will be guarenteed.


Review AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco


Review Marcel and Jenny (October 2016):
We had a great experience at your Spanish school in Cusco. We truly felt that every staff member did all efforts to make sure we had a great experience learning Spanish in Cusco.

We loved our teachers Ana Maria and Magda. They did not only teach us the Spanish language, but they always had interesting things to talk about. We had a lot of fun!


Superintensive Spanish Classes Peru


The content of the super intensive Spanish course at AMAUTA was totally adapted to our level of Spanish and to our needs. We felt there was a good balance between Spanish grammar, Spanish vocabulary building and many other skills. Our Spanish improved enormously after taking Super Intensive Spanish classes at AMAUTA. Of course, three weeks is not enough to become fluent. But we are confident that we have a very good base now to start our job in Lima, where we will be living from now on and where our Spanish language adventure will continue. AMAUTA gave us a great start.


Superintensive Spanish Cusco Pisac


We participated in the intensive program for eight hours per day. We combined classroom learning, with a nice Peruvian lunch with our teacher and many activities during the afternoon. It was great but not easy.

This program requires quit some effort. But the results were great. During the weekends we had the opportunity to continue our Spanish practises, while visiting places of interest in the nearby Sacred Valley of the Incas, such as Pisac, Maras and Moray.


Superitensive Afternoon Visits Practice Spanish


My tip for future students: since this Spanish course is flexible and customer designed, I recommend you discuss your interests, hobbies, fields of interest before arrival to Cusco. This will help AMAUTA and especially the teachers, to prepare the best lesson materials for you. You can also choose what distination or tourist site you would like to visit during the weekend excursion and, during the afternoon visits in Cusco.


Total Immersion Spanish Cusco Peru


Interested? Please contact one of the course counselors of AMAUTA Spanish School. We will create a personal Spanish study program for you to maximize your study time. Special attention can be given to cultural differences between the western world and Latin America in general (with special attention, if the student wants, to Peruvian culture). The Super Intensive Spanish course starts every Monday throughtout the year. Duration: min. two weeks (80 hours). Location: Cusco, Peru.

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