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Review AMAUTA Spanish School Peru: great experience!

Friday August 18, 2017 - Posted by to Spanish Language Tips
Review AMAUTA Spanish School Peru: great experience!

Review AMAUTA Spanish School Peru: great experience!

“Hola! Somos Matt y Chase y somos de Canada!

We have been learning Spanish at AMAUTA Cusco for just two weeks and it has really been a fantastic experience. We´re both good friends and teachers in Canada and we came to brush up on our Spanish-language abilities in Peru in the hope that one day we may be able to teach the language!

The Canadian education system actually helped us pay for our trip down to Peru, and it has been money well spent with the wonderful teachers of our Spanish Course in Peru at AMAUTA Spanish School.
Chase says:

“I did a week-long course before in Costa Rica and, although fun, the experience was not nearly as enjoyable as this one. The Spanish classes at AMAUTA were perfectly catered to our level and were fun and dynamic, and our apartment downtown was awesome.“


Matt says:

“One of the best parts of the Spanish classes in Cusco are the teachers at AMAUTA, and the flexibility. Although no class can ever have all students at the exact same level, the teachers were able to cater to everyone. Classes were never the same and were primarily focused on conversation and producing the language. “


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AMAUTA cares about the students

“When we did review Spanish grammar, we always did exercises using it in conversation to become familiar using it when speaking and to help drill it into our heads! The school is also very responsible and is always looking out for its students. When I first arrived, I fell ill and AMAUTA´s doctor fixed me right up. This was extremely convenient and important considering our short time here. “

Chase continues:

“Apart from the Spanish classes, Cusco is a great place with lots to do in just a small, yet hilly, area! And just like the classes, the weather is quite dynamic here in Cusco! It can get cold at night, but it really warms up during the day so it is the perfect weather for hiking tours in Cusco and adventure tours such as rafting, biking, etc. “


Learn about local culture in Peru

“For some classes, we were able to venture outside and learn about some of the local culture in Cusco while learning Spanish. The teachers at AMAUTA also seem to be expert tour guides which is pretty impressive!”

Overall, our experience in Cusco with AMAUTA was wonderful and we would recommend it to anyone and everyone!”


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