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Reviews AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco

Friday April 21, 2017 - Posted by to Student life in Cusco
Review AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco

Reviews AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco

Hola! Yo soy Sarah de los Estados Unidos.

I studied Spanish for six weeks at AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco, and during my time here, my Spanish improved a lot. When I arrived in Peru, I tested into an intermediate level, but I don´t really know how much Spanish I truly knew. Now I am finishing with an advanced level.  I feel that I learned so much from my teachers at AMAUTA—so many new Spanish words, Spanish phrases and and new tenses!

Out of the classroom

I loved how much variety I experienced in my Spanish classes. Every week I had two different teachers, and so I got to experience a bunch of different teaching styles. I also loved that my learning also took place out of the classroom because our teachers always did at least one outing a week where we got to go somewhere in the community in Cusco, like maybe a museum or a restaurant, and practice our Spanish and learn about the culture here in Peru.

Peruvian cooking workshop

One of the things I truly enjoyed are the free activities AMAUTA offers, the extra-curricular program. Examples are:

salsa dance classes,  small presentations on cultural topics,  outings to museums and sites of interested and much more.

My favorite is the workshop Peruvian Cooking.


Review AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco


Cusco: an amazing place

I also really enjoyed the experience in general because Cusco is such a fantastic place to visit. The opportunities for sighseeing in Cusco seem to be endless! There is so much to do in Cusco and so much to see! There are many cool museums and ruins to visit and incredible natural beauty to see. Also, the people are wonderful and the Peruvian food is great!


Wonderful People

My experience just within the AMAUTA community was also great. Before I arrived to Peru, I didn´t expect to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. And for me, that was one of the great things about studying Spanish at AMAUTA!


Review AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco


AMAUTA recommendation

I definitely would recommend AMAUTA to my friends back in the US! I haven´t had a teacher that I didn´t like! I felt that all of them cared about me and my interests and my pursuit in studying Spanish.

It´s truly an amazing experience, and I feel that my eyes have been opened to different ways of viewing the world thanks to this experience learning Spanish in Peru.


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