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Spanish course in Peru and rock climbing!

Thursday June 22, 2017 - Posted by to Travel in Peru
Spanish course in Peru & rock climbing

Spanish course in Peru and Rock climbing!

If you are interested in a special challenge in Peru this July, have a look at this: Spanish course in Peru and Rock climbing!

AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco now offers the possibility to combine your Spanish classes in Cusco with an exciting rock climbing course!

This intensive rock climbing course runs between 8:30 and 12:30 from Monday to Friday; the Spanish group classes will take place in afternoons at our school in Cusco.

The Spanish & Rock Climbing is a great opportunity to have fun while learning and enjoying an outdoor activity. During the climbing, you will learn about rappelling, climbing, belaying and much more. Each morning our guide will first teach you about safety methods and correct rock climbing practises

Growing Popularity Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Peru is growing in popularity quickly; some travelers are attracted by curiosity, by the adventure, and by the desire to be active outdoors, to learn something new, and to do other activities in the in the beautiful Peruvian Andes.


Spanish course in Peru & rock climbing


Spanish course in Peru and Rock climbing!

This Spanish & Rock climbing in Cusco is open to beginners and advanced rock climbers, and to all levels of Spanish speakers. The climbing and security equipment is included in the price as well as transport to the climbing area from the city center of Cusco. The outdoor climbing area is located about 30min outside of Cusco in one of the most beautiful locations in Cusco. Spanish course in Peru & rock climbing!

The City of Cusco

After all the challenges and the excitement of the day, Cusco is a great place to relax and meet up with friends, fellow students, and travelers in Peru during the nights. The lovely cafes and restaurants of Cusco are only a stone throw from our Spanish school and Student Residence, located in the heart of Cusco.

If you are new to rock climbing, the course includes instruction and tips to learn the best techniques. If you are already an experienced climber, you will find more challenging and fun routes to climb!

Spanish and Rock Climbing in Peru

When From the 10th until 14th of July
Special last-minute Price US$ 495 (20% discount when 2 people book together)
Add on USD 145 accommodation in our Student Residence with 2 meals/ day
  • Rock-climbing course (20 sessions in the mornings)
  • Spanish group course (20 sessions in the afternoons)
  • Transport to/from the climbing area
  • Climbing and security equipment (harness, ropes, carabiners, helmet, climbing shoes)
  • Professional instruction and supervision by climbing guides
*or 1 week of Peruvian Home stay


Sounds like fun? Contact us now! 🙂

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