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Review from a Student Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires

Thursday March 19, 2015 - Posted by to Spanish Schools in Latin America
Recensie van een student Spaans in Buenos Aires

Review from a Student Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires

Here at AMAUTA we are always happy to be in touch with our (ex) students after they have attended our Spanish courses in Cusco (Peru) or in Buenos Aires.

If you are thinking about learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, read this student review we have just received from Robert Payne.

Robert learnt Spanish with AMAUTA in Buenos Aires, in our beautiful school at “Barolo Palace” at Avenida de Mayo downtown Buenos Aires. 


Learning Spanish in Buenos  Aires

I knew from working in Russia that Moscow had language schools, where you could live with a local family and learn Russian. So when I decided to go to Argentina, I thought I would look for a Spanish School in Buenos Aires online. I found AMAUTA on the internet. The website was well laid out and very self-explanatory. The prices seemed reasonable, so I booked a Spanish course. I had no idea if the school was legitimate or not.

AMAUTA arranged for me to be picked up at the airport of Buenos Aires. Everything went without a single problem. I was met at the airport and shuttled to the host family I would be staying at during my stay in Argentina. My Spanish was almost non-existent at that point.




Host family in Buenos Aires

I was immediately made to feel very welcome by the family I stayed with. They were very friendly and accommodating. The apartment was very nice. The local food was also very good. When I arrived at the AMAUTA school, I got the same warm and hospital greeting that I received at my living quarters. The Spanish teachers and staff were all very friendly and helpful. We were all introduced to each other, students included. We were all interviewed and divided up by level of advancement, and they seemed to get everyone at exactly the right level.


Spanish or English?

The Spanish classes were not too complicated, nor too simple. I noticed at break time there was some English and Spanish being spoken. It was not even three days later and there was rarely any English spoken at break time. People were advancing at an incredible rate. There were fun activities every day, and participation was optional. Most people participated most of the time. The school was excellent and exceeded all my expectations. The staff went above and beyond the call at helping with anything personal, such as financial problems, accommodation, directions to anywhere, and booking tours.

I would recommend AMAUTA to anyone.  Thank you all very much!



Gracias a ti, Robert!

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