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Study Spanish in Peru in the Summer

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Study Spanish in Peru in the Summer

Study Spanish in Peru in the Summer

Bonus: ** Spanish Phrases related to Christmas, New Year & Summer in Peru **

Peru is the ultimate destination for travelers and students alike. Peru is not only the top culinary destination but offers a variety of cultural, adventure and educational holidays. Peru is full of festivals and celebrations, lively and colorful culture, amazing opportunities for adventure tours, one of the 7 Wonders of the World (Machu Picchu) and many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Spanish Classes in Peru during the Christmas Holidays

Prepare yourself for a unique trip in Peru and enjoy the beautiful Christmas atmosphere if you come down in December! First learn Spanish in Peru at our Spanish School in Cusco. You’ll be surprised to see you can learn Spanish quickly and there are many fun things to do during the days before Christmas!


Study Spanish in Peru in the Summer


To kick off your holiday in Peru here are some Spanish phrases to help you get by!


Spanish Phrases related to Christmas and New Year

How to say Merry Christmas in Spanish : Feliz Navidad
How to say Happy New Year in Spanish : Feliz Año Nuevo
Have a great Christmas! : ¡Que pases una feliz Navidad!
Christmas tree : Arbol de Navidad
Nativity Scene : Nacimiento
Christmas Dinner : Cena Navideña o Cena de Navidd
Presents : Regalos
Fireworks : Fuegos Artificiales
Lights : Luces
Santa Claus : Papá Noel
Hot Chocolate : Chocolate Caliente
Hot Chocolate with milk : Chocolate con leche
Secret Santa : Amigo Secreto
Wrapping Paper : Papel de Regalo
Traditions : Tradiciones
Toys : Juguetes
Children : Niños
Christmas Carols : Villancicos
Wishes : Deseos
Family : Familia
Friends : Amigos
Party : Fiesta
Balloons : Globos


Study Spanish abroad in a native Spanish-speaking country is the best way to learn Spanish. Our Spanish immersion programs include four hours of instruction per day (20 hours per week) and you can start every Monday throughout the year. During the afternoons, there are fun activities and fieldtrips. In December, our students and staff organize a Chocolatada. This is a charity activity, where we go to donate gifts and supplies to children in need. There is also a potluck Christmas dinner at our Spanish School in Cusco, where students and staff come together to bring a typical seasonal dish.


Study Spanish in Peru in the Summer


Summer in Peru

Besides celebrating Christmas and the New Year and learning Spanish in Peru, you can enjoy the sun too! From Cusco, you go back to Lima or travel to the North of Peru, for instance to the beaches of Máncora to soak in the sun. Because yes, it’s summer in Peru in December, January and February!

(During what is the winter in the Northern Hemisphere is actually “summer” down in the Southern Hemisphere! No white Christmas in Latin America but sun and warm evenings!

So if you are longing for some warm weather and want to escape the freezing winter, come to Peru!


Spanish Phrases for the Summer in Peru

Bathing/Swim Suit : Ropa de Baño
Bathing/Swim Suit : Ropa de Baño
Beach : Playa
Ice Cream : Helado
Typical dish of fish and lime juice : Ceviche
The Coast : La Costa
Sun : Sol
Sea : Mar
Waves : Olas
Sand : Arena
It’s warm : Hace calor
The temperatura : La Temperatura
Summer : Verano


Homestay in Peru

To become more integrated into the Christmas and New Year spirit and tradition in Peru and before heading to the beach, we recommend staying with a Host Family during your intensive Spanish course. You will see firsthand the Christmas holiday traditions, celebrations, food and events in Peru.

On the 24th of December or, La Noche Buena, you can enjoy a delicious family dinner (la cena de navidad). The typical Peruvian Christmas dinner is pork or turkey, apple sauce and many salads like puré de pallares. Help set up the large and elaborate nativity scene, drink a Peruvian hot chocolate with the delicious panetón bread, stay up to midnight to toast with a drink, give hugs and kisses and open gifts.


Study Spanish in Peru in the Summer


Your family will take you to the famous Christmas fair in Cusco called the Santurantikuy where you can learn about the Santos, Maria, Jose, the shepherds, el Niño Manuelitoand different artisanal products and plants.

New Year’s eve in Cusco also offers an abundance of exciting activities and good luck rituals. Not only do Peruvians set off a ton of fireworks and drink with friends, they also wear yellow clothing including yellow underwear, eat 12 grapes for each month of the year and run with their suitcases around the block, all fun traditions to bring good luck in the coming year.


Study Spanish in Peru in the Summer


Spanish schools in Peru offer some of the clearest and easiest to understand Spanish in all of Latin American. Learning Spanish at a school in Cusco or Peru will help you to learn Spanish fast and find helpful Spanish phrases for conversation! Once you complete your Spanish Program in Peru you can continue learning Spanish online with our qualified Spanish professors. General Spanish classes or Spanish immersion courses in Peru include both group as well as private instruction.

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