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Spanish School AMAUTA in Cusco, Peru is the best place to learn Spanish in Peru. We provide in-depth Spanish lessons and a cultural immersion experience for everyone. Our students step outside of the Spanish classroom to enjoy the Peruvian culture, make Spanish-speaking friends, and travel in Peru. During or after your Spanish lesson, you can, volunteer in Peru where you will really get the chance to improve your Spanish language skills and give back to the Peruvian community.

Here at the AMAUTA blog, we aim to keep our Spanish alumni, current and future students, and anyone who is interested in Peruvian and Latin American culture, the most relevant information about what is happening in Peru. We´ll post fun articles about our Spanish School in Peru, Tips to learn Spanish, how to get the most out of your Spanish classes in Cusco, advice on how to prepare for your trip to Peru, life in Cusco, Peruvian cuisine, Peruvian festivals, what to do in Cusco, and much more.

After reading our blog, you’ll know exactly why you want to study Spanish at AMAUTA Spanish School in Peru! Hasta pronto!

Spanish in Peru after 107-Day Quarantine

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Spanish in Peru after 107-Day Quarantine

Quarantine in Peru: from the beginning


Spanish in Peru after 107-Day Quarantine

On Friday, March 13th , AMAUTA staff and Spanish teachers went home at the end of a normal workday ready for the weekend.

On Sunday evening, we got the shocking announcement from the president of Peru that we were entering a nationwide quarantine and state of emergency due to the Corona Pandemic with the closure of all borders by land, air and sea.

We suddenly could not leave our homes, could not go to the AMAUTA, and we had to follow a strict and mandatory curfew.

This lockdown would last for 107 days and meant that we had to close the doors to our AMAUTA Spanish school in Cusco for the first time in 19 years.

All about Cusco nightlife

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All about Cusco Nightlife

All about Cusco nightlife

Shortly after arrival in Peru, our students taking Spanish courses in Cusco discover that Cusco is a city full of celebrations and cultural events. The night life in Cusco is no different. With a copious amount of options, you may feel overwhelmed and ambiguous about their decision.  That’s why we have prepared this brief guide to nightlife in Cusco.


Indigo: to start the night

To start the the night, Indigo is highly recommended. This relaxing environment is the perfect place to decompress from a day of exploring before an exciting night out. (more…)

DO’s and DONT’s voor het wonen bij een gastgezin tijdens je cursus Spaans

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Living with a host family during your spanish course

Wonen bij een gastgezin tijdens je cursus Spaans

Wonen in een gastgezin tijdens je cursus Spaans  in Peru is een geweldige ervaring en een belangrijk onderdeel van je talencursus in Cusco. Bij AMAUTA Spanish School werken we met ervaren gastgezinnen in Peru en Argentinië en we zijn trots om te kunnen zeggen dat 98% van de studenten het verblijf in een gastgezin heel positief heeft ervaren en vond dat het echt iets extra’s aan hun studie Spaans heeft toegevoegd.

Toch kan wonen in het buitenland, in een onbekend land met een nieuwe cultuur waarvan je de taal niet spreekt (more…)

Living with a host family during your Spanish course

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Living with a host family during your spanish course

Living with a host family during your Spanish course

Living with a local guest family during your Spanish course in Peru is an amazing experience and an important component of most study abroad programs. AMAUTA Spanish School also offers this home stay experience in Cusco and in Buenos Aires. AMAUTA works with a great group of experienced guest families in both Peru and Argentina, carefully selected and monitored by our staff. We are happy to say that 98% of our students found that the host family experience was great; they mention it was a valuable complement to their Spanish studies.

However, living abroad in a new country with a new culture  – especially when you do not speak the Spanish language (more…)

Best places for Dinner in Cusco

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Best places for Dinner in Cusco

After four weeks of living in Cusco – I’m taking Spanish lessons in Peru here at the AMAUTA Spanish School –  it becomes hard to find some new nice places to go to for dinner. In contrast, when you are a new bee, it seems to be hard to make a choice between all the good and nice restaurants around. There are some really comfortable and good-quality restaurants in Cusco with affordable prices I can recommend.

Restaurant INDIGO

I think many travelers and Spanish students in Cusco agree that “Indigo” is always the right choice. Located close to AMAUTA and to the Plaza de Armas (more…)

8 Rare en grappige dingen die je tegenkomt in Peru

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8 Weird and Funny Things Seen in Peru

8 Rare en grappige dingen die je tegenkomt in Peru

Het kan handig zijn je een cultureel gezien een beetje flexibel op te stellen als je naar een nieuw land reist . Vooral als je er heen gaat met het idee om de Spaanse taal te leren en je de lokale cultuur tot je probeert te nemen, is “open minded” zijn een belangrijk voorwaarde om zo veel mogelijk op te pikken. Dat geldt zeker ook als je een een Spaanse taalcursus in Peru gaat volgen.

Maar als je langer op een bestemming verblijft, ga je je, ongeacht je beste intenties, toch soms irriteren aan bepaalde dingen. Of zo niet irriteren, er in elk geval om lachen. Zonder twijfel gebeurt dit ook bij onze Spaanse studenten in Peru ook. Vooral ook omdat bepaalde dingen in Peru ook echt te grappig zijn! 🙂

Hieronder vind je een lijst met 8 aspecten van de Peruaanse cultuur en dagelijkse realiteit waarvan Spaans studenten het vaak toch wel een beetje raar, grappig, of het misschien wat moeilijk te verwerken vinden. Dus ga door met het lezen van de grappige observaties van onze Spaanse studenten in Cusco!



Special Offer for Halloween Spanish Classes in Peru

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Special Offer for Halloween on Spanish in Peru

Special Offer for Halloween Spanish Classes in Peru

AMAUTA Spanish School offers a special discount for all bookings made during the special week of Halloween. Halloween is a pretty big event in Cusco and AMAUTA yearly offers a big Halloween Party at our centrally located school, at a stone throw from the Plaza de Armas in Cusco.

Book your Spanish Course in Cusco before Nov 6th
And get a 20% off! That is a whole lot of money!!

Spanish courses in Cusco include:

  • 20 hours of intensive lessons per week
  • Lesson material
  • Free WIFI
  • A Student Dinner
  • Workshop Peruvian Cooking (more…)

Review AMAUTA Spanish School Peru: great experience!

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Review AMAUTA Spanish School Peru: great experience!

Review AMAUTA Spanish School Peru: great experience!

“Hola! Somos Matt y Chase y somos de Canada!

We have been learning Spanish at AMAUTA Cusco for just two weeks and it has really been a fantastic experience. We´re both good friends and teachers in Canada and we came to brush up on our Spanish-language abilities in Peru in the hope that one day we may be able to teach the language!

The Canadian education system actually helped us pay for our trip down to Peru, and it has been money well spent with the wonderful teachers of our Spanish Course in Peru at AMAUTA Spanish School.
Chase says:

“I did a week-long course before in Costa Rica and, although fun, the experience was not nearly as enjoyable as this one. The Spanish classes at AMAUTA were perfectly catered to our level and were fun and dynamic, and our apartment downtown was awesome.“

AMAUTA’s student guide to Inti Raymi Cusco

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AMAUTA’s Student Guide to Inti Raymi Cusco

AMAUTA students in Peru have already experienced a large part of the “Fiestas de Cusco” during this month of June. However, the biggest and most important celebration of Cusco is still to come. Only a few days after Qoyllur Rit’i and Corpus Christi, on June 24th – the day that the sun is farthest away from the earth – Inti Raymi will be celebrated in Cusco. It is a traditional Inca festival when the people worship the sun and plead for its return. Below you will find some tips and tricks, be prepared to make the most out of this special day in Cusco.

Inti Raymi is the most anticipated of all the festivities in Cusco and everything in June leads up to this revered day. (more…)

Terug-naar-School Feestje op Vrijwilligersproject Cusco

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Back to School Party at Volunteer Project Cusco

Feestje op Vrijwilligersproject in Cusco

Wat Vrijwilligerswerk Betekent voor de Lokale Gemeenschap in Peru

Vrijwilligerswerk in Cusco is een geweldige manier om een band te creëren met de lokale bevolking in Peru en tegelijkertijd bij te dragen aan het dagelijkse leven. Denk aan maatschappelijk werk, onderwijs, gezondheidszorg, dieren- en natuurbescherming, en het stimuleren van de lokale economische groei. Het is erg van belang om te weten wat de belangrijkste aspecten van dit werk zijn. Zonder de vrijwilligers zouden sommige projecten namelijk helemaal niet kunnen bestaan. Als een vrijwilliger in Peru geef je een hele waardevolle bijdrage aan degenen die het zich niet kunnen veroorloven jou te betalen voor de tijd die je besteedt aan het vrijwilligerswerk. (more…)