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Hola!  Welcome to the AMAUTA Spanish Schools blog!

At our Spanish Schools in Cusco and Buenos Aires, we provide the best Spanish courses and cultural immersion experiences for our students.  We encourage our students to step outside of the Spanish classroom, to enjoy the local culture, make Spanish-speaking friends, and travel in Peru and Argentina.  During or after finishing your Spanish course, we greatly encourage participation in our volunteer program in Cusco or Buenos Aires, where you will really get the chance to practice and improve your  Spanish language skills and give back to local community.

Here at our AMAUTA blog, we aim to keep you posted about what is happening out our Spanish schools, as well as what´s going on in and around the cities of Cusco and Buenos Aires.  We´ll also post fun articles about Peruvian and Argentinian culture, cuisine,  local fiestas, what to see in Cusco, & where to go in Buenos Aires, etc. 

We´ll include advice about which weekend excursions to sign up for and which free cultural activities are available. And after reading our section of student reports, you´ll know exactly why you want to study Spanish at AMAUTA in Cusco and Buenos Aires.  

Book your Free Online Spanish Class now

Friday February 21, 2020 - Posted by
Book your Free Online Spanish Class now

Book your Free Online Spanish Class now!

Do you want to become Bilingual? Would you like to Improve your Spanish skills quickly? Or do you want to make a quick and fun START with your Spanish?

Book your free Online Spanish Class now!

Study Spanish at the time and place that´s most convenient for YOU, at your own pace, with your own private Spanish teacher Online!

That is the best and and very affordable way to improve your Spanish skills quickly.

What are the benefits of this Learning Online, in a live session with your Spanish teacher?

  • Topics of your personal interest can be included and prepared.
  • Learn Spanish whenever you want, anywhere you like
  • Don’t lose time nor money traveling to your Spanish lessons
  • Online learning can be more effective educational tool than traditional methods.
  • It may be more comfortable for students to talk with their teachers via technology versus face to face.


Leven in AMAUTA Studentenhuis in Cusco

Wednesday May 30, 2018 - Posted by
Living at the AMAUTA Student Residence in Cusco

Leven in AMAUTA Studentenhuis in Cusco

Leven in AMAUTA Studentenhuis of studenten residentie is een super ervaring. Het studentenhuis ligt midden in het centrum van Cusco, op steenworp afstand van de Plaza de Armas. Dit is een prachtige plek om te leven en de stad te verkennen.

Het studentenhuis bevindt zich bovendien in hetzelfde gebouw als de school waar je cursus Spaans gegeven wordt. Zou je nóg dichterbij de locatie van je Spaanse lessen in Cusco kunnen zijn? De reistijd die je uitspaart kun je dus lekker besteden aan wat langer uitslapen, relaxen, en Cusco verkennen!

In de residentie vind je één, twee en driepersoonskamers; de meesten hebben gedeelde badkamers. Er is een balkon, een gemeenschappelijke ruimte, een zonnige binnenplaats en gratis WIFI. (more…)

Student review AMAUTA Spanish School Peru

Tuesday July 25, 2017 - Posted by
Student review AMAUTA Spanish School Peru

Student review AMAUTA Spanish School Peru

Are you interested in learning Spanish in Peru?  If so, you might be interested in reading Michael’s review below. Michael studied Spanish in Cusco for seven weeks and had, as y says, ‘the time of his life”.

Taking Spanish lessons in Cusco, Peru is an immersion experience abroad you will not easy forget. Our professional team is always happy to provide you with the best tips and help you whenever you need us. AMAUTA provides a home away from home for students from all over the world. So just join the AMAUTA family!


Michael’s student review of AMAUTA Spanish School Peru
“I studied Spanish at the AMAUTA Spanish school in Cuzco for a total of seven weeks and it was one of the best experiences of my life. (more…)

Volunteer in Peru

Tuesday June 13, 2017 - Posted by
Volunteering in Peru

Volunteer in Peru

Did you know AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco organizes interesting opportunities for those who want to volunteer in Peru, especially for our Spanish Students? We think this is an excellent way to give back to Peruvian society and our volunteer coordinator selects the projects we work with carefully.

For the volunteers, being a Volunteer in Peru, Cusco, gives the opportunity to meet the local Peruvian people and to have an extraordinary living and working experience while speaking Spanish. Combine this with all you will learn and see during your travels in Peru, and you will easily understand why Volunteering in Peru is a once in a lifetime experience.

20 years of Experience: Volunteer in Peru

Many people choose AMAUTA Spanish School for Spanish Immersion Programs and volunteering in Peru, thanks to our over 20 years experience working with volunteer projects in Cusco.

Do you want to know what it is like to be a volunteer in Peru, in Cusco? Read about the work our volunteer Julius did while in Cusco! Julius is from Croatia originally, but has been living and working and the Czech Republic for many years. Right after his Spanish classes in Cusco, Julius volunteered at a local primary school in Cusco in the morning and an after-school program in the afternoon for around 2 and a half months. (more…)

Reviews AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco

Friday April 21, 2017 - Posted by
Review AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco

Reviews AMAUTA Spanish School Cusco

Hola! Yo soy Sarah de los Estados Unidos.

I studied Spanish for six weeks at AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco, and during my time here, my Spanish improved a lot. When I arrived in Peru, I tested into an intermediate level, but I don´t really know how much Spanish I truly knew. Now I am finishing with an advanced level.  I feel that I learned so much from my teachers at AMAUTA—so many new Spanish words, Spanish phrases and and new tenses!

Out of the classroom

I loved how much variety I experienced in my Spanish classes. Every week I had two different teachers, and so I got to experience a bunch of different teaching styles. I also loved that my learning also took place out of the classroom because our teachers always did at least one outing a week where we got to go somewhere in the community in Cusco, like maybe a museum or a restaurant, and practice our Spanish and learn about the culture here in Peru. (more…)

Teaching English in Peru

Friday September 02, 2016 - Posted by
Peru cusco volunteer teaching english
Teaching English in Peru: the Ideal Volunteer Experience

Do you wonder how you can make a difference as a volunteer in Peru? We have the answer for you! Teaching English in Peru is a great way to impact the lives of Peruvians, especially Peruvian children.

Most of the better paying jobs in Peru for locals are in the tourism industry, and it is necessary to speak English to work in tourism. Therefore, teaching English to Peruvians will give them the opportunity to get a better job and, ultimately, have a better life.


Get Involved in Sports while Learning Spanish in Cusco!

Wednesday August 24, 2016 - Posted by
Get Involved in Sports while Learning Spanish in Cusco!

Get Involved in Sports while Learning Spanish in Cusco!

After you’ve chosen Peru as the perfect destination for your Spanish Course in Cusco and you’ve registered for your classes at AMAUTA, you will start preparing your trip to Peru. Cusco is an amazing city and there is loads of info on the internet about what to do in Cusco.

If you are an active person who love sports, you might be interested in the sporting opportunities that Cusco offers. For all the athletes among us, we have prepared this list with a pretty big variety of sporting activities to get involved in while living in Cusco.

First, there is a large complex called “El Coliseo”. Here you can find many different sports to play. The Coliseo is located close to the center, just off the main avenue (Avenida de la Cultura) across from the University. If you are looking to play the most popular sports in Cusco, there is a field to play soccer and an indoor gym for volleyball. (more…)

Travel Kit of Paklijst voor studenten Spaans in Peru

Friday June 10, 2016 - Posted by
Travel Kit for Spanish Students in Peru

Travel Kit of Paklijst voor studenten Spaans in Peru

Ben je van plan om naar Cusco te komen om Spaans te leren in Peru? Geweldig! Wij kijken er naar uit om je te zien! Als je jezelf nu aan het voorbereiden bent voor je trip naar Peru en je bent aan het nadenken over of je een bepaald item wel of niet mee moet nemen, dan is deze onze paklist heel handig! Hier vind je alle essentiële items voor een AMAUTA student en voor Cusco!

  1. Neem een handig Spaans woordenboek mee! In de digitale wereld waar we nu in leven zal je er misschien niet zo snel aan denken, aangezien er vele apps zijn die een woord waarvan je de betekenis niet weet zo voor je kunnen vertalen.. maar wat als je geen internet hebt in een ander land? Dan is het beter om een woordenboekje achter de hand te hebben!
  2. Er zijn twee dingen die handig zijn om te weten betrekking tot je accommodatie in Cusco in het AMAUTA studentenhuis én voor het wonen bij een gastgezin: Neem handdoeken mee! Je hebt geen lakens voor over je bed nodig in het studentenhuis of bij een gastgezin, maar handdoeken zitten er niet bij inbegrepen! Mocht je toch geen handdoek bij je hebben, kun je er overigens altijd een lenen en er later een kopen op de markt in Cusco.


Travel Kit for Spanish Students in Peru

Tuesday June 07, 2016 - Posted by
Travel Kit for Spanish Students in Peru

Are you coming to Cusco to learn Spanish in Peru? Great! We are looking forward to seeing you! If you are now preparing your trip to Peru and you are thinking about whether or not to pack a certain item, here is this very useful list for you: the essential items for the AMAUTA Spanish Student and in Cusco!

  1. Take a handy Spanish Dictionary with you! In our nowadays digital times, you might not think about it as there are so many apps to quickly translate a missing word…but what if you are without internet in another country? Better to take an analog backup!
  2. There are two things to point out concerning your accommodation at the AMAUTA residency or your host family: in any case – please take some towels! You will not need bed sheets or cushions neither at the host family or at the AMAUTA student residence – but towels are not provided!


Conociendo el trabajo de nuestra coordinadora de voluntarios en Cusco

Friday May 20, 2016 - Posted by
Meeting Sarah, our Volunteer Coordinator in Cusco

“Ven a Perú con un espíritu aventurero” es uno de los muchos consejos que nuestra amable y alegre coordinadora de voluntariado Sarah da a los futuros estudiantes de español y voluntarios que pronto vendrán a Perú para participar en el programa de voluntariado. Sarah viene trabajando en AMAUTA desde enero de este año y ahora es un miembro indispensable del equipo AMAUTA Perú. Por lo tanto, es un buen momento para que la conozcas.

¿Qué se siente ser la coordinadora de voluntarios de AMAUTA? ¿Te agrada tu trabajo?

Mucho ¡estoy muy contenta de estar aquí! AMAUTA es un gran lugar, tengo grandes compañeros y juntos proporcionan un ambiente divertido y amigable para los extranjeros que vienen a Cusco para aprender español y / o hacer trabajo voluntario en Perú.