Spanish School Peru: AMAUTA

Spanish School Peru: AMAUTA

Spanish School AMAUTA in Cusco, Peru is the best place to learn Spanish in Peru. We provide in-depth Spanish lessons in Cusco with a full cultural immersion experience. Step outside of the Spanish classroom to live the Peruvian life and culture and explore Peru.

During or after your Spanish lessons in Cusco, you can volunteer in Peru: make new friends, improve your Spanish and give back to the amazing Peruvian community.

We keep you posted about what’s going on at our Spanish School in Peru and provide you with tips to learn Spanish, how to make most out of your Spanish classes in Cusco, how to prepare for your trip to Peru, Peruvian cuisine or festivals, what to do in Cusco, and much more.


Seven thoughts that crossed my mind during my first weeks in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an amazing city, full of surprises. The seven thoughts and questions below came to my mind, during my first weeks as a student taking Spanish courses in Buenos Aires. I am curious to know: what were your first impressing of this big, […]


De beste tips voor je bezoek aan de Watervallen van Iguazu

Sinds enkele maanden woon ik in Buenos Aires om Spaans te leren en ik doe hier mijn stage. In December had ik eindelijk de kans om de trip te maken die ik ontzettend graag wilde doen en die daarom ook hoog op mijn bucket list […]


Qué hacer en Mar del Plata?

Qué hacer en Mar del Plata? Como tantas ciudades y localidades de Argentina, Mar del Plata es una gran escape de fin de semana para los estudiantes que aprenden español en Buenos Aires en la escuela de español AMAUTA, sobre todo en primavera y verano. […]


The Insider’s Guide to a Exploring Iguazu

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A few days of Volunteering in Buenos Aires with “TECHO”

Are you looking for a volunteer experience in Argentina but you do not have the time to participate in our Spanish and Volunteer Program?Here is an alternative for those who want to do a few days of volunteering in between Spanish classes in Buenos Aires: […]


What you did not know about Celebrating Christmas in Buenos Aires

In the southern hemisphere, Christmas falls in the summer, so traditions as real pine trees, telling stories around the fire or playing in the snow do not translate temperature wise. For most of our Spanish students, it will be quite a different Christmas this year, […]


What to do in Mar del Plata?

What to do in Mar del Plata? As so many beautiful cities and locations in Argentina, Mar del Plata is a great weekend get-away for the Spanish students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires at AMAUTA Spanish School, especially in spring and summer. You can find […]


Clases de español en un edificio histórico de Buenos Aires

La Escuela de Español AMAUTA no sólo pertenece a las Escuelas de español más populares y profesionales en Buenos Aires, elegida por muchos para estudiar español en Buenos Aires. También nos enorgullecemos de nuestra excelente ubicación, justo en el centro de la capital Argentina: usted […]


Spanish Lessons in a Historic Building in Buenos Aires

Spanish lessons in a Historic Building in Buenos Aires AMAUTA Spanish School does not only belong to the most popular and professional Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires, preferred by many to study Spanish in Buenos Aires. We also pride ourselves of our top location right […]


7 bebidas y Snacks típicos de Argentina que tienes que probar

7 bebidas y Snacks típicos de Argentina que tienes que probar. Argentina es conocida por su carne y sus bistecs, pero eso no es todo lo que Argentina tiene para ofrecer, como rápidamente me di cuenta al iniciar mi curso de español en Buenos Aires. […]