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Hola!  Welcome to the AMAUTA Spanish Schools blog!

At our Spanish Schools in Cusco and Buenos Aires, we provide the best Spanish courses and cultural immersion experiences for our students.  We encourage our students to step outside of the Spanish classroom, to enjoy the local culture, make Spanish-speaking friends, and travel in Peru and Argentina.  During or after finishing your Spanish course, we greatly encourage participation in our volunteer program in Cusco or Buenos Aires, where you will really get the chance to practice and improve your  Spanish language skills and give back to local community.

Here at our AMAUTA blog, we aim to keep you posted about what is happening out our Spanish schools, as well as what´s going on in and around the cities of Cusco and Buenos Aires.  We´ll also post fun articles about Peruvian and Argentinian culture, cuisine,  local fiestas, what to see in Cusco, & where to go in Buenos Aires, etc. 

We´ll include advice about which weekend excursions to sign up for and which free cultural activities are available. And after reading our section of student reports, you´ll know exactly why you want to study Spanish at AMAUTA in Cusco and Buenos Aires.  

De meest handige apps in Buenos Aires

Friday May 13, 2016 - Posted by
The most Useful Buenos Aires apps

Voor het gemak van reizigers, studenten Spaans en vrijwilligers in Argentinie, heeft de gemeente van Buenos Aires heeft meerdere applicaties ontwikkeld om onze levens veel gemakkelijker te maken. Wanneer je jezelf hebt aangemeld voor een cursus Spaans in Buenos Aires, zullen deze apps gegarandeerd handig voor je zijn! Er zijn apps voor het openbaar vervoer, wifi, en nog veel meer. Hier is een lijst van alle belangrijke apps waar onze AMAUTA studenten hier in Buenos Aires gebruik van maken. (more…)

The most Useful Buenos Aires apps

Friday November 06, 2015 - Posted by
The most Useful Buenos Aires apps

The government of the city of Buenos Aires has developed numerous applications to make our lives much easier. If you have registered for a learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, for sure those aps will be very useful for you. There are Apps, for public transport, wifi, and much more. Here is a list of all the most important apps that the Spanish students here at AMAUTA Buenos Aires use. (more…)