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De beste tips voor je bezoek aan de Watervallen van Iguazu

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The Insider’s Guide to a Exploring Iguazu

Sinds enkele maanden woon ik in Buenos Aires om Spaans te leren en ik doe hier mijn stage. In December had ik eindelijk de kans om de trip te maken die ik ontzettend graag wilde doen en die daarom ook hoog op mijn bucket list staat, namelijk, een bezoek aan de watervallen van Iquazu.

De eerste dag ben ik vroeg opgestaan om al mijn spullen in te pakken en op tijd te vertrekken naar Aeroparque Jorge Newbery , van waar mijn vliegtuig vertrok. Om 13:00 gingen we boarden en binnen twee uur waren we in Iquazu. Aangekomen in het hostel waar ik verbleef hing er meteen een goede sfeer. Er waren mensen aan het chillen bij t zwembad, er stond een leuk muziekje op dus ik had bedacht dat het een goed idee was om ook meteen mn zwembroek aan te trekken en lekker te gaan zwemmen. (more…)

The Insider’s Guide to a Exploring Iguazu

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The Insider’s Guide to a Exploring Iguazu

I have been living in Buenos Aires for several months now, learning Spanish in Argentina and doing my internship in Buenos Aires. And finally I had the chance, a couple of weeks ago, end of December, to do the weekend trip that was high on my bucket list: a visit to the waterfalls of Iguazu.

On day 1, I woke up early, packed my stuff and took a cab to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, from where my plane would leave. Boarding started at 13.00 and within two hours we were in Iguazu. Upon arrival at the hostal I felt there was a good vibe going on. There was music playing and people were sitting next to the pool; I immediately decided to put on my swimsuit and go for a swim. (more…)

Highly Recommended Weekend Trip for Students: The Iguazu Waterfalls!

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weekend naar de Iguazu Watervallen!

I have been learning Spanish in Buenos Aires now for several months, since I’m doing an internship here in Argentina. I love Buenos Aires and I have already seen a lot of amazing things in this country.
Last weekend, however I returned from a trip to truly unique lanmark. The sounds, the colors, the huge expanse it is a combination of everything, which make this waterfall unique.I didn’t know it was possible to enjoy this quantity of liters and liters of water falling. It is obviously why the Iguazu Falls are one of the Seven World Wonders, together with Machu Picchu in Peru, among others.

Our trip left the buzzing city of Buenos Aires and after approximatly 18 hours we arrived at 12:00 pm at our hostel in Iguazu. This is when we really felt we were on a short vacation; after several months of (big) city life, our nice hostel with a large pool in the middle of the impressive flora and fauna and in full silence, were the ideal background. (more…)