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At our Spanish Schools in Cusco and Buenos Aires, we provide the best Spanish courses and cultural immersion experiences for our students.  We encourage our students to step outside of the Spanish classroom, to enjoy the local culture, make Spanish-speaking friends, and travel in Peru and Argentina.  During or after finishing your Spanish course, we greatly encourage participation in our volunteer program in Cusco or Buenos Aires, where you will really get the chance to practice and improve your  Spanish language skills and give back to local community.

Here at our AMAUTA blog, we aim to keep you posted about what is happening out our Spanish schools, as well as what´s going on in and around the cities of Cusco and Buenos Aires.  We´ll also post fun articles about Peruvian and Argentinian culture, cuisine,  local fiestas, what to see in Cusco, & where to go in Buenos Aires, etc. 

We´ll include advice about which weekend excursions to sign up for and which free cultural activities are available. And after reading our section of student reports, you´ll know exactly why you want to study Spanish at AMAUTA in Cusco and Buenos Aires.  

7 bebidas y Snacks típicos de Argentina que tienes que probar

Friday October 30, 2015 - Posted by
7 Typical Argentine Snacks & Drinks You Must Try

7 bebidas y Snacks típicos de Argentina que tienes que probar.

Argentina es conocida por su carne y sus bistecs, pero eso no es todo lo que Argentina tiene para ofrecer, como rápidamente me di cuenta al iniciar mi curso de español en Buenos Aires. ¡Hay mucho más! Estos son algunos aperitivos argentinos típicos y bebidas que usted debe probar.


Un alfajor es una galleta increíble. Alfajores vienen en diferentes sabores y estilos, pero básicamente consiste en dos galletas rellenas con dulce de leche en el medio. Algunos están cubiertos de azúcar glaseada o chocolate. Argentina es el mayor consumidor mundial de alfajores. (more…)

7 typische Argentijnse snacks & drankjes die je moet proberen

Monday October 05, 2015 - Posted by
7 Typical Argentine Snacks & Drinks You Must Try

7 typische Argentijnse snacks & drankjes die je moet proberen

Argentinië staat bekend om zijn vlees en zijn steaks, maar dat is niet alles wat Argentinië te bieden heeft. Dat merkte ik al snel nadat ik mijn Spaanse cursus in Buenos Aires begon. Er is veel meer! Hieronder een lijst met typische Argentijnse snacks en drankjes die je moet proberen.


Een alfajor is een heerlijk koekje. Alfajores zijn er in verschillende smaken en stijlen, maar bestaan normaal gesproken uit twee koeklagen met daartussen in een laag van dulce de leche. Sommige hebben aan de buitenkant een laag van chocolade of geglaceerde suiker. Argentinië is ’s werelds grootste consument van alfajores. (more…)

7 Typical Argentine Snacks & Drinks You Must Try

Thursday October 01, 2015 - Posted by
7 Typical Argentine Snacks & Drinks You Must Try

7 Typical Argentine Snacks & Drinks You Must Try.

Argentina is known for its meat and its steaks, but that’s not all Argentina has to offer, as I quickly found out upon starting my Spanish course in Buenos Aires. There is much more! Here are some typical Argentine snacks and drinks you must try.


An alfajor is an amazing cookie. Alfajores come in different flavours and styles, but it basically consists of two cookies with dulce de leche trapped in between. Some are then covered in glaced sugar or chocolate. Argentina is world’s largest consumer of alfajores. (more…)