Spanish School Peru: AMAUTA

Spanish School Peru: AMAUTA

Spanish School AMAUTA in Cusco, Peru is the best place to learn Spanish in Peru. We provide in-depth Spanish lessons in Cusco with a full cultural immersion experience. Step outside of the Spanish classroom to live the Peruvian life and culture and explore Peru.

During or after your Spanish lessons in Cusco, you can volunteer in Peru: make new friends, improve your Spanish and give back to the amazing Peruvian community.

We keep you posted about what’s going on at our Spanish School in Peru and provide you with tips to learn Spanish, how to make most out of your Spanish classes in Cusco, how to prepare for your trip to Peru, Peruvian cuisine or festivals, what to do in Cusco, and much more.


Study Spanish in Peru in the Summer

Study Spanish in Peru in the Summer Bonus: ** Spanish Phrases related to Christmas, New Year & Summer in Peru ** Peru is the ultimate destination for travelers and students alike. Peru is not only the top culinary destination but offers a variety of cultural, […]


What you did not know about Celebrating Christmas in Buenos Aires

In the southern hemisphere, Christmas falls in the summer, so traditions as real pine trees, telling stories around the fire or playing in the snow do not translate temperature wise. For most of our Spanish students, it will be quite a different Christmas this year, […]


Christmas at AMAUTA Peru

Christmas at AMAUTA Peru Here are AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco, the whole team is a-buzz with preparations. Christmas is coming! First on the agenda is getting into the Christmas spirit: getting together as a school – professors, students, staff, and administration – to cook, […]


Exploring Your Christmas Shopping Options in Cusco

Exploring Your Christmas Shopping Options in Cusco If you’re studying Spanish in Cusco (Peru) and decided to stay here for this upcoming Christmas, don’t feel glum about missing out on family traditions back home. Cusco offers an array of exciting new traditions to explore and […]


Santurantikuy Christmas markets in Cusco Peru

Santurantikuy Christmas market in Cusco Peru One of the most important Christmas events that you can visit if you Learn Spanish in Peru these days, is the Santurantikuy Christmas market in Cusco. This important fair has been a Cusco Christmas Eve tradition for over 500 […]


Peruvian Nativities Cusco typical for Christmas

Peruvian Nativities Cusco typical for Christmas A deep-rooted custom in culture and Peruvian folklore, are the “nacimientos”: nativity scenes. As a Spanish student in Cusco, you will see many of those during the December month. The assembly of the nativity is a tradition that, at […]