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Spanish School AMAUTA in Cusco, Peru is the best place to learn Spanish in Peru. We provide in-depth Spanish lessons and a cultural immersion experience for everyone. Our students step outside of the Spanish classroom to enjoy the Peruvian culture, make Spanish-speaking friends, and travel in Peru. During or after your Spanish lesson, you can, volunteer in Peru where you will really get the chance to improve your Spanish language skills and give back to the Peruvian community.

Here at the AMAUTA blog, we aim to keep our Spanish alumni, current and future students, and anyone who is interested in Peruvian and Latin American culture, the most relevant information about what is happening in Peru. We´ll post fun articles about our Spanish School in Peru, Tips to learn Spanish, how to get the most out of your Spanish classes in Cusco, advice on how to prepare for your trip to Peru, life in Cusco, Peruvian cuisine, Peruvian festivals, what to do in Cusco, and much more.

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6 Festivals that will put Peru on your Map

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6 Festivals that will put Peru on your map
6 festivals that will put Peru on your map

If there’s one thing Peruvians know how to do, it’s party.

With an epic 3000 festivals held every year, the Peruvian calendar is packed with celebrations – an explosion of colourful parades, music, dancing in costume and eating and drinking.

Expect to see anything from locals dressed up as Spanish colonists wearing hideous blue-eyed masks with long hairy beards, to religious icons being paraded through crowded plazas as once were the mummies of Inca rulers.

Peru’s biggest festival is Inti Raymi just gone by on June 24, a celebration of the Inca Sun God and winter solstice.

But if you’re thinking about studying Spanish in Peru and want to coincide your visit with a festival, there are plenty to experience right throughout the year.

5 Ways to Experience the Real Cusco, Peru

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5 Ways to Experience the Real Cusco, Peru

Whenever you are travelling in Cusco or studying Spanish in Cusco, Peru, it is easy to be sucked into the tourist sites, restaurants, and shops. However, if you are exploring with the mission of living more like a Cusqueño, here are five tips to get you on your way:

Take a bus

Bus and “combi”, large vans, are the main types of transportation for Cusqueños. This is how they get to work, travel to other cities, and visit friends. There is no other experience that makes you feel more one with the people than to be crammed into a bus. Finding the correct bus can be difficult sometimes, but do not be afraid to ask others for help. Peruvians are usually friendly and will want to help you. Before you get on a bus you can ask the “cobrador”, the person who takes your money, if it passes by where you want to go. Once on the bus, it is important to notify the “cobrador” whenever you want to get off. If you are unsure about where your bus stop is, then ask someone to notify you when to get off. Busses are very cheap and should cost you 0.70 soles.

Volunteer work in Cusco at the Clínica San Juan de Dios

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Voluntariado in Peru

Volunteer work in Cusco at the Clínica San Juan de Dios

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa

If you are looking for volunteer options in Cusco Peru, it’s definitely worth to considering doing volunteer work at the Clinica San Juan de Dios, just a few minutes out of the city center of Cusco. AMAUTA Spanish School can organize a placement for you at this clinic for students with different backgrounds.

Since opening in 1982 San Juan de Dios Clinic in Cusco has been providing an abundance of love for several disabled boys and girls in the surroundings of Cusco. The Clinic has given them an opportunity for education and socialization at the school on the property. The Clinic also offers a number of health care services from general medicine to many more specialized services such as; Neurology, Orthodontics, Cardiology, Urology, Psychology, Neurosurgery also Physical and Speech Therapy. While some children visit the clinic during the weekdays, others live there.