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At our Spanish Schools in Cusco and Buenos Aires, we provide the best Spanish courses and cultural immersion experiences for our students.  We encourage our students to step outside of the Spanish classroom, to enjoy the local culture, make Spanish-speaking friends, and travel in Peru and Argentina.  During or after finishing your Spanish course, we greatly encourage participation in our volunteer program in Cusco or Buenos Aires, where you will really get the chance to practice and improve your  Spanish language skills and give back to local community.

Here at our AMAUTA blog, we aim to keep you posted about what is happening out our Spanish schools, as well as what´s going on in and around the cities of Cusco and Buenos Aires.  We´ll also post fun articles about Peruvian and Argentinian culture, cuisine,  local fiestas, what to see in Cusco, & where to go in Buenos Aires, etc. 

We´ll include advice about which weekend excursions to sign up for and which free cultural activities are available. And after reading our section of student reports, you´ll know exactly why you want to study Spanish at AMAUTA in Cusco and Buenos Aires.  

¿Qué es lo que sigue?: El Festival de la Mamacha (Virgen) del Carmen en Paucartambo

Monday July 14, 2014 - Posted by
What’s next: The Festival of the Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo

Durante el mes de Junio hemos tenido muchas celebraciones increíbles y coloridas en Cusco, como por ejemplo el Inti Raymi. Pero aún queda más, lo que se viene ahora es el Festival de la Virgen del Carmen en el pueblo andino de Paucartambo.

Para los estudiantes de español, voluntarios y viajeros en Cusco, Paucartambo es el lugar para estar el 15 de julio y 16 de julio La Fiesta de La Virgen del Carmen, llamada por la población local Mamacha Carmen, es una fiesta de gran colorido, con muchas bandas de música y bailes tradicionales, los danzarines siempre están ataviados de trajes impresionantes.

What’s next: The Festival of the Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo

Thursday July 10, 2014 - Posted by
What’s next: The Festival of the Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo

There have already been so many amazing and colorful celebrations in Cusco during the month of June, like for instance Inti Raymi. But we are not ready yet with the upcoming Festival in the Andean Village of Paucartambo: the Virgen del Carmen.

For Spanish students, volunteers and travelers in Cusco, Paucartambo is the place to be on July 15 and July 16. La Fiesta of La Virgen del Carmen – by the local people also called nicely Mamacha Carmen – is a great colorfull happening with many music bands and traditional dances in awesome costumes.