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Teaching English in Peru

Friday September 02, 2016 - Posted by to Spanish Language Tips, Volunteer Work
Peru cusco volunteer teaching english
Teaching English in Peru: the Ideal Volunteer Experience

Do you wonder how you can make a difference as a volunteer in Peru? We have the answer for you! Teaching English in Peru is a great way to impact the lives of Peruvians, especially Peruvian children.

Most of the better paying jobs in Peru for locals are in the tourism industry, and it is necessary to speak English to work in tourism. Therefore, teaching English to Peruvians will give them the opportunity to get a better job and, ultimately, have a better life.

English teachers needed

English teachers are needed in various programs in the Cusco area. These include pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools, and after-school projects. Whether you prefer working with younger children or older children, or whether you prefer teaching in a formal classroom or a more relaxed setting, there is a place for you to teach English as a volunteer!


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Teaching hours

Teaching hours depend on the specific school or program in which you are placed. Most schools operate in the morning, whereas after-school projects operate in the afternoon. The majority of volunteering opportunities, especially in the schools, are for 4 hours assisting in the classroom.

Aiding in the classroom does not involve teaching English for four consecutive hours. Most teachers ask volunteers to help with classroom management and individual tutoring during the other subjects, and then to add their own English class if they so desire.


Teaching English in Peru


Fun activities

The duration of the English class depends on the volunteer and their experience teaching English. It´s always a good idea to focus on one topic at a time, and volunteers are welcome to bring worksheets to supplement their daily theme.

Keep in mind that most volunteers will be teaching English to children, which means that it is important to keep the young students moving and engaged. Using fun activities keeps class interesting, such as the ´´Hokey Pokey´´ for learning body parts and ´´Simon Says´´ for learning commands.


Teaching English in Peru


Making the Difference

Volunteering your time to teach Peruvian children English is a priceless experience. Granted, it is impossible to teach the entire English language to a class full of kids in just a few weeks or months, but, little by little, you – together with other volunteers – are making a difference in these children´s lives.


Teaching English in Peru


Teach and… Learn!

Not only will you be providing the kids with the opportunity for a better life, but you will also learn from the children: first of all, the Spanish language. But they will also show you their unique way of life and rich Peruvian culture.

Are you interested in the volunteer experience Teaching English in Peru?
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