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Tips for Learning Spanish on YouTube

Wednesday April 01, 2020 - Posted by to Spanish Language Tips
Tips for Learning Spanish on YouTube

Tips for Learning Spanish on YouTube

Have you always wanted to start learning the Spanish language? Practice your Spanish with Youtube! Spanish lessons on YouTube offer a wide selection of options. Choose from hundreds of channels with Spanish for beginner, intermediate or advanced Spanish learning.

We have compiled a list of 12 best YouTube channels to learn Spanish to make your life easier! The channels are not listed in any order of preference, so please try each of them out to see what works best for you!

All of these selections can be both a benefit and a downfall. The quality of the videos varies significantly and you can take days or even a week to find the best channel. The benefit is that you can watch videos with many different teachers to get a better understanding of different accents, talking speeds and styles. The downfall is that you may feel extremely overwhelmed when sifting through the hundreds of options to learn Spanish and give up right then and there. But that’s where this article 12 Best Youtube Channels to learn Spanish is for!

First see why you should consider Youtube as an extra tool to brush up your Spanish skills.

Why Learn Spanish on YouTube?

Learn Spanish via YouTube has so many benefits!

  • YouTube Spanish lessons are for everyone interested in learning Spanish in a fun, affordable way. YouTube is great for any age group; you are never too old or too young to start learning.
  • Take Spanish classes online, on your own schedule with extreme flexibility. Do you work? Can you only watch for 1 hour, 1 day per week? No worries! Spanish on YouTube is so convenient and perfect for any schedule.
  • Learning Spanish online is great to do during your free time or while you are practicing social distancing. You can watch in your own time and pause and rewind whenever you need to without judgment.
  • Are you planning on traveling to Spain or Latin American in the future? YouTube videos are a great way to learn Spanish for beginners. Many qualified Spanish teachers can help you learn Survival Spanish to get by during your vacation travels.
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More Benefits Youtube

YouTube is an easy to use platform and free. You can watch YouTube from any device with an Internet connection.

Many of the videos also allow for close-up study and observation of lip and mouth movements of Spanish speakers.

You can find some of the best Spanish learning content on YouTube because there is so much competition and teachers are always trying to come out with the best, most relevant, accurate and exciting videos.

There are also a wide collection of videos for any level and topic of interest. Beginners can start with the foundations first. More intermediate learners can focus on specific grammar rules while advanced learners can watch travel Spanish channels to pick up specific accents. Just enter your interest in the search bar, and you’ll find any video imaginable.


Top 12 YouTube Channels to Practice and Learn Spanish

1. Butterfly Spanish

Butterfly Spanish is a channel that covers grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and pronunciation for all levels from beginner, intermediate to advanced Spanish. The tutor is a native speaker so you get a general understanding of how native speakers talk. The tutor also studied linguistics so she can help you with helpful tips and accurate information on the best way to learn her language!

She also does a great job on helping to explain to students about the differences between Mexican Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Spanish from Spain. Besides teaching Spanish words and phrases, listening and pronunciation skills, she also gives beginners the must know phrases to get started!

12 best YouTube channels to learn Spanish

2. Señor Jordan

Señor Jordan is just an average Spanish teacher who makes YouTube videos for his students, in case they need extra help with their learning. Jordan is a funny, creative and entertaining teacher who does his best to provide his viewers with grammar and vocabulary (and uses songs to teach Spanish as well).

Jordan’s videos are very catchy, not too long and you will be signing about the irregular form of the first person in no time. Although he is not a native speaker, his Spanish is strongly influenced from Latin America. So, if you are looking to learn Spanish from this region he is the teacher for you! His videos are broken down into Spanish I, Spanish II and Spanish III and IV.


3. Tu escuela de español

This channel Tu Escuela de Espanol has multiple benefits including that Elena, your teacher, is a native speaker from Spain, who speaks in Spanish for the entirety of her videos with few English subtitles. Her videos focus on how to live in Spain, Spanish daily life, Spanish customs and videos on how to learn Spanish. If you want to learn Spanish from Spain this is the channel for you! If you decide to subscribe to her Premium Zone you will receive more exclusive videos, games, audio and activities to learn grammar, verbs and vocabulary.


4. SpanishPod 101

SpanishPod 101 allows you to start speaking Spanish in minutes through audio and video lessons. You will learn to speak, write and listen to the language. This channel also has videos especially dedicated to learning Mexican Spanish. Videos include Holiday Words, How to Memorize Spanish Words Easily, Common Spanish Questions, 1300 Words Every Spanish Beginner Must know as well a many hacks and effective ways to learn Spanish faster.

The videos are endless and high quality with many visuals, examples, pronunciation tips and you will have facts and quizzes throughout the video. Videos also include a Spanish and an English host with both Spanish and English subtitles. These lessons are also very helpful for intermediate and advanced Spanish language learners.

12 best YouTube channels to learn Spanish

5. Real World Spanish Lessons

Do you want to learn Spanish quickly and with fun lessons? On this channel you will learn real world Spanish through helpful examples and common phrases. These videos will help you with your day-to-day conversational Spanish that will guide you on your journey to becoming fluent.

The videos of Real World Spanish Lessons include: Learn Spanish While Driving: Phrases, Learn Spanish Phrases While Sleeping and How to Learn Spanish Faster, to name just a few. These fast, entertaining and uncomplicated videos have a wonderful conversational tone. You will feel like you are in a chat with friends more than in a Spanish lesson. Join this channel for a definite improvement of your skills.

6. Speak Spanish Faster

This channel’s mission is to help you learn Spanish faster so that you can be confident in your Spanish skills, that you do not have to worry about understanding native speakers, and that when you respond your accent will be so good the people listening won’t be able to tell that Spanish is your second language. Each video is brief and to the point, and focuses on a specific topic so you wont be wasting anytime! Videos include How to Teach Yourself Spanish at Home, How to Learn Spanish Faster With the Hyper Speed Method, 15 Spanish Words that Don’t Exist in English and How To Talk Spanish with a Puerto Rican Accent to name just a few. This channel offers a very low stress approach to language learning. These videos are like having your very own personal tutor!

12 best YouTube channels to learn Spanish

7. Dreaming Spanish

Dreaming Spanish has a new video every three days and helps their subscribers learn Spanish through having authentic experiences. When you watch these videos you will feel like you are taking small trips to some Spanish-speaking destinations. Rather than boring grammar lessons, they provide stories to listen to, cultural explanations and games.

You will get a sense of how Spanish is used in actual real life contexts and get a native intuition for the vocabulary and grammar as well as clear pronunciation. This channel is great for beginners as the content is very basic, highlighting beginner phrases and foundational vocabulary. The dialogue is very clever and accompanied by illustrations and explanations sure to brighten up your day.


WORDPIE offers subscribers an amazing way to memorize Spanish through song without the boredom of repetition. Their Spanish playlists offer a ton of material that will help to enrich any Spanish program. WORDPIE uses the concept of shadow speaking where learners listen and repeat what they have heard. This is how native speakers learn their language. Native teachers will provide the material so your pronunciation can be completely on point! Learners can play and repeat until they sound like the speaker to get the best results.

9. Bilingue Blogs

If you are hoping to learn Spanish in a fun and unorthodox way then Bilingue Blogs is the channel for you. The teacher’s mission is to help inspire people to break through language barriers. If you have interest in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico all of these accents are featured! The conversational lessons are so relaxed and casual you will feel like you are talking to a good friend. This is an excellent resource to develop conversational Spanish skills. The videos cover a variety of topics including one lesson on how to roll your r’s.

10. Spanish and Go

Spanish and Go specializes in real-world travel Spanish. Jim and May will help you learn about the culture, traditions and places around the world where people speak Spanish. Their goal is to help you learn Spanish through meeting the locals, experiencing the beauty of each country and grasping the culture. You will improve your listening skills, practice useful words and phrases and get many travel tips that can help you with pre-adventure planning. You can even get information about destination specific vocabulary and discover really unique and interesting customs. Classes include Must Know Food Related Sayings and Idioms, Must See Spots In Puerto Rico, a video on how holidays are celebrated in Mexico and so many more!

11. Lirica

Lirica is a lively and fun way to learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar while combining music in Spanish as well. You can play along and learn about body parts in Spanish to name just one activity. There also many songs in Spanish accompanied by the English translations, so if you are feeling tired of the grammar exercises you can switch to the music and keep practicing and learning the language! The power of music is a fascinating, active and stimulating way to teach. Students who use Lirica often say they can remember the vocabulary more often and that Lirica keeps their attention as opposed to other videos. For those of you who love music or have difficulties with traditional teaching methods there is no beating this YouTube channel.

12. Why Not Spanish?

Cody and María want to help you improve your Spanish and get over the fear of using your Spanish skills in real life. In their classes they will bring you tips, fun facts, listening activities and lessons. You will mostly find videos in Spanish and through the help of Cody (who is learning Spanish) and María (who is a real Spanish teacher) you will be able to significantly increase your knowledge of the language. The videos are full of intriguing cultural facts, language tips and engaging activities. Don’t forget to answer the interactive questions, and don’t worry if you don’t have the right answer because Cody doesn’t always have the correct answer either!

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Additional Tips for Learning Spanish:

  • Using a variety of YouTube channels to help you practice Spanish in many contexts, which will make your skills more adaptable and flexible for whatever situation you might encounter.
  • Using a learning channel that provides trustworthy content like the list we came up with below.
  • Watching Spanish videos with subtitles.
  • Trying different channels to see what you like best. So do not stay on the first channel you see. Search around and try different YouTubers. You may prefer more traditional grammar lessons or you may want to learn Spanish through interaction, games and quizzes!
  • Re-watching the videos to get a deep understanding of the language. You should download the videos on your phone or your laptop to watch it on the bus, train, park or any other location!
  • Talking to other followers of the same channel. Perhaps they can help you or vice versa.


Another online alternative for those looking to learn Spanish through Skype!

AMAUTA Spanish School offers Spanish in Peru and Spanish in Argentina as well as Spanish courses Online, with your own (private) tutor i a live session through Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout.

Our Spanish classes online that can take place in the comfort of your own home, at the time that is most convenient for you, all while respecting your own pace and rhythm. Amauta was founded in 1996, so we have 24 years of experience of bringing high quality Spanish education to students from across the globe.


Spanish Online has so many benefits!

  • Skype, Google Hangout and Zoom are easy to use platforms and free! Online Spanish classes can be booked at any moment for a minimum of just 1 hour! All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet, a headset with a microphone (and a Skype account.)
  • Online classes are well-organized and just as good as face-to-face classes. You can watch your professors through clear video and sound. You professors can even use the chat function to send vocabulary, worksheets and homework assignments.
  • Online lessons can be adapted to your specific interests or needs. Try our Spanish for Beginners, Spanish for Kids, Spanish for Families and Spanish and Culture courses to name just a few! Our experienced Spanish teachers make a study plan with you after the initial intake, about topics of your personal interest in accordance to your goal and available time.
  • Spanish Online with our experienced team in Peru is very affordable compared to the prices of Spanish classes in your home country. Improve your Spanish skills and speak Spanish quickly.
  • Taking online Spanish classes helps support the livelihood of local businesses and Spanish teachers.

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