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Tips for visiting Tigre, Buenos Aires.

Monday October 19, 2015 - Posted by to Latin American Travel
Tips for visiting Tigre, Buenos Aires.

Tigre is a small town in the province of Buenos Aires. It is located to the north of the city of Buenos Aires. Tigre is located next to the Paraná Delta. It is an important tourist attraction, a perfect daytrip. So I definitely recommend it to our Spanish students in Buenos Aires. Read this Quick Guide Tips to Visit Tigre and you will be fully prepared.

How to get to Tigre?

It is very easy to get to Tigre from the city of Buenos Aires by bus, train or even by boat.


1. Train

A train departs about every 15 minutes from the Retiro Station. However, if you are living in the northern part of Buenos Aires (such as Palermo or Belgrano), it might be easier to get on at a later stop, such as Belgrano C, which is located in el Barrio Chino of Belgrano (Chinatown). A ride costs about AR$2 and takes about 50 minutes.

2. Bus

It is also possible to take bus number 60. You can get on at numerous stops throughout the city. The journey will take about 1,5 hours, sometimes more. A bus ride costs about AR$3,25.


3. Boat

A lesser-known option, but also a possibility, is to take a boat to Tigre. It’s not surprising that it’s lesser know, because there is only one boat going to Tigre per day and it leaves at 06.30 in the morning. It will costs AR$20.

What to do in Tigre?

First of all, you can find a really big market in Tigre where they sell all kinds of things: wicker baskets, photo frames, cups for mate etc. Like in every market in Argentina, you can also find some really good and affordable places to get a quick lunch or dinner. But if you are in for a proper meal, remember that Tigre has a lot of good restaurants, as well as bars. There is also an Amusement Park waterslides and all kinds of other attractions, and a casino.

But if you really want an unforgettable experience in Tigre, you should take a boat up the Delta. There are several options for the Delta Boat Trip: you can go with a commuter boat, which is a way of public transport. This will cost you roughly AR$80. There are several locations you can go to, such as Tres Bocas. It is a really relaxed and nice area with several bars and restaurants. If you want to get away from the city, I definitely recommend you to go here.


Another way is going on an organised guide tour. There are several options, but most companies do not have a website. But there is really no need to book beforehand, you an just go to Tigre and arrange a tour there. There are a lot of stands and people giving information about tours. Don’t forget you can always ask for information – and practise your Spanish a bit. The locals are really friendly and will always try to help.

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