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Travel Kit for Spanish Students in Peru

Tuesday June 07, 2016 - Posted by to Travel in Peru
Travel Kit for Spanish Students in Peru

Are you coming to Cusco to learn Spanish in Peru? Great! We are looking forward to seeing you! If you are now preparing your trip to Peru and you are thinking about whether or not to pack a certain item, here is this very useful list for you: the essential items for the AMAUTA Spanish Student and in Cusco!

  1. Take a handy Spanish Dictionary with you! In our nowadays digital times, you might not think about it as there are so many apps to quickly translate a missing word…but what if you are without internet in another country? Better to take an analog backup!
  2. There are two things to point out concerning your accommodation at the AMAUTA residency or your host family: in any case – please take some towels! You will not need bed sheets or cushions neither at the host family or at the AMAUTA student residence – but towels are not provided!

Travel Kit for Spanish Students in Peru

  1. If you are staying at a local family: consider taking a little gift from your home country. You can think about a typical souvenir from your country, may be a photo book or a calender, or some chocolates. Other students prefer to give the host family a gift when they leave, at the end of their stay. Of course that is also an option.
  2. A money belt comes very handy and is super practical – It keeps your valuables safe and close! I use one on all my trips but definitely recommend it for your stay in Peru.
  3. Regarding the clothing : do not forget that Cusco is located at 3400 meters above sea level. So when living in Cusco, you definitely need some warm clothes like a good jacket. But you also need lighter clothes for warmer days, as it can become very hot in the sun. Consider taking a functional jacket that is not very heavy but protects you from wind and rain! The weather in the Andes changes quickly from heat and sun to rain and cool temperature. For a city walk, don´t forget to take some lighter shoes apart from your hiking boots!
  4. You will not to bring need study material for your Spanish Classes in Peru! Our teachers will provide you with all the important material you need to quickly learn the beautiful language of Spanish! You might want to bring a note book and a pencil, however, to make some quick notes or to write down your thoughts while travelling in a different country!
Tour and Trek Kit
  1. You are planning on taking some trips and treks in Peru? Awesome! That is the best and most exciting way to discover the country! Consider to take the following items for your adventure!

Travel Kit for Spanish Students in Peru

  1. Guide book You didn´t have time to read all about Peru before the journey? No problem – just take your Peru-guide with you! Inform yourself about all the tours, history and culture of Peru! There is so much to see! There is a lot of info on the internet but there is nothing like relaxing on a sunny terrace, or on top of a beautiful mountain, while reading about the amazing possibilities Peru offers.
  2. You are planning on doing some Trekking in Peru? A trek to Machu Picchu? Perfect! You made the right choice, this is one of the most beautiful ways to explore the nature and culture of Peru!
    Here are some things you should definitely pack: Hiking shoes and clothes, Flashlight, Water Bottle and Sleeping bag and Backpack. It usually depends on which tour you take how much items you will need. Most tours provide you with camping and cooking gear so you won´t have to take this. It is very common, however, that you are asked to bring your own sleeping bag! Inform yourself beforehand about what gear is provided in the tour you will take. Should you be spontaneous and decide to take a trek once you are already in Peru – no problem, most of the gear you can rent or buy here, too!
  3. If you want to take trip to the Jungle, please make sure you have the following items with you that protect you from mosquitos! Long-sleeve and thin clothing is way more comfortable in the humid heat and also shields you from mosquitos, consider taking a Mosquito net but in any case take a strong mosquito repellent and malaria tablets (see medical kit)!
Still unsure about the preparation for your journey to Peru?

AMAUTA offers Pre-arrival Webinars to clear your questions about Packing, Visa & Airport and pre-Arrival Tips! Contact us by email,, via our contact form, via Facebook or via the AMAUTA whatsapp! 31 6 83303403


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