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Typical Argentine Music: 11 Songs in Spanish You Must Hear!

Friday January 27, 2017 - Posted by to Latin American Culture & Food
Typical Argentine Music: 11 songs You Must Hear

Typical Argentine Music: 11 Songs in Spanish You Must Hear!

Susanne has been living and learning Spanish in Argentina for a couple of months and she loves the Argentine capital. “I have followed Spanish classes in Buenos Aires at AMAUTA and it has been amazing”, she says. “My Spanish has improved a lot. I love the location, and I love Buenos Aires. The city has so many things to offer and I love Argentine culture.

In this blog, I will tell you more about Argentine culture and specifically, about Argentine music. Did you know that music is a great way to practise your Spanish skills? With Argentine accent of course. I really love Argentina music and I’m happy to share this list* of 11 Songs in Spanish you Must Hear with you!”

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As strange as it may seem, Argentina is not all about food, but is about music as well!  Throughout history, this country has produced some amazing musicians and artists. People are still playing songs from the “old” days in Argentina, when they created new ideas and opened up new worlds. It was similar to the influence that music has today, when musical styles like cumbia or pop music impact the public and their lifestyle.


Here you have the ultimate list for the best Argentine songs. In my opinion, those are 11 songs in Spanish You Must Hear:

  1. El Día Que Me Quieras – Carlos Gardel


Carlos Gardel is considered the KING of Tango music by many tango followers and dancers. The sound quality is not the best since this song is from 1930, but who doesn´t love a little nostalgic sound from a passionate man like Gardel?


  1. Mariposa Teknicolor – Fito Paez


This modern song is great for practicing your Spanish! Just listen to and repeat the words: “ellas cocinaban el arroz / se levantaba sus principios /de sutil emperador”. Good luck!


  1. Gracias a La Vida – Mercedes Sosa


A very famous song because it is sung by the legendary female singer Mercedes Sosa, who is still considered to be an inspiring figure for Argentina.


  1. Color Esperanza – Diego Torres


You will recognize this happy song since it is often played on the radio and television. A must for sure!


  1. De Música Ligera – Soda Stereo


What would this list be without some heavy rock from one of the best rock bands in Argentina! Practice your Spanish skills while repeating: “Ella durmió al calor de las masas, y yo desperté queriendo soñarla”, but what that means, you´ll have to figure out yourself!


  1. Rosa Rosa – Sandro


This artist passed away, but was a true hit in the 60ies and 70ies. This cute song of his is still played by many of Sandro’s fans and admirers.


  1. Caminito – Various Artists


Tango is a must-see when you are in Buenos Aires, and therefore some knowledge about the different tango artists might come in handy. Caminito is one of the legendary songs that you will hear for certain.


  1. La Felicidad – Palito Ortega


A very funky song and the perfect excuse to practice your dance skills while jamming to a 60ties rhythm.


  1. La Flor Más Bella – Memphis La Blusera


A little blues is always a good idea. Practice your Argentine accent with “Ella es la flor más bella / vagando por las estrellas / brilla más que el sol”.


  1. La Cumparsita – Various Artists


A classic tango song, and you will probably recognize it since it is internationally famous!


  1. La Mano de Dios – Rodrigo


This song is truly Argentine and is all about the famous football player Maradona, the brave man who has worked his way up from being in poverty to where he is now. This song represents the respect that Argentines can have for just one person.


Now is the time for you to open Youtube, or whatever music app you might use, and check out the Argentine culture and practise your Spanish skills with those famous Argentine songs.



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