Visit Montevideo while Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires


Visit Montevideo while learning Spanish in Buenos Aires

When you are studying Spanish in Buenos Aires and want to see something new, take a weekend trip to Montevideo! Since there are many long weekends in Argentina due to public ‘ feriados’ or days off, why not spend some time in the beautiful capital of Uruguay? Almost half of Uruguay’s inhabitants live in Montevideo. The cost of living is high, but as a ‘tourist’ you will experience that the prices of souvenirs etc. are a lot lower compared to tourist attractions such as Punta del Este (most expensive) and Colonia (second most expensive). What to do in Montevideo? Keep on reading to find out some of the nicest things that Montevideo has to offer.

On your way to Montevideo
On your way to Montevideo, from Buenos Aires, you can make a stop first at the pinturesque town of Colonia or Colonia del Sacramento. It’s one of the oldest town of Montevideo, just an hour by boat from buenos Aires. Colonia is knowns for it’s pinturesque historic city center and it’s nice to relax here for a couple of hours and have lunch before y our continue your trip to Montevideo (or head back to Buenos Aires). A one day visit to Colonia provides a good opportunity to renw your Argentine tourist visa as well as to take cash dollars from the ATM, something that’s not possible in Buenos Aires.

Palacio-Salvo- en -la- Plaza-Independencia-Montevideo-Uruguay

What to do in Montevideo
Once arrived in Montevideo, you’ll see there are a lot of things to do. The capital is most well-known for its old city center which is also called Ciudad Vieja. In the old city center there are plenty of shops, bars, restaurants and many trees where you can sit back and enjoy the quiet way of living. Stroll down the old streets and go years back in time. You can walk the Ramblas from the whole coast line of Montevideo and enjoy the port, waterside and beach life. Follow Sarandi Street, with its museums, art galleries, beautiful architecture and cafes, up to Plaza Independencia which is the main square of the Old Town. The Solis Theater is very close near Plaza Independencia where many good restaurants are situated.

Where to eat in Montevideo
Montevideo has many places where you can get delicious lunch and dinner. While you are walking in the old city centre you will have no trouble finding the Mercado del Puerto (Port Market). In this old building you find numerous of parillas with asados (barbeques) and tons of meat. Stroll down the restaurants until you see something you like and sit down and enjoy. If you are not that much in the mood for an asado, you should go to the surroundings of the two largest theaters of the city. Near the Solís Theater and the Adela Reta National Auditorium in the Old Town, there are many nice restaurants opened until late.


Where to sleep in Montevideo
When you walked the entire day to explore the city and you need to recharge your battery for the upcoming day, you have to sleep somewhere. There are many possibilities in terms of hostels, bed and breakfasts and hotels to spend your night. If you’re on a budget, try out the Ukulele hostel near the old city centre. This big and beautifully renovated house has high ceilings, is very clean and has a nice swimming pool. If you have something more to spend, go to Pocitos Plaza Hotel it is located close to Punta Carretas, has a very extended breakfast, clean and modern rooms and suites and on top of that it is affordable.

Did you know AMAUTA Spanish school also offers Spanish classes in Montevideo?
We are located in Parque Rodo, a well known nice area at a few minutes only from city center of Montevideo. The school is a nice, old house with large classrooms, a library, a common room and a nice terrace.


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