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How a Volunteer in Cusco did a great job

Wednesday February 17, 2016 - Posted by to Volunteer Work
How a Volunteer in Cusco did a great job

Laura, one of the participants on our Spanish and Volunteer program in Peru, has been volunteering at an orphanage in Cusco for the past few weeks. She has grown really close to the young girls there and has been such a creative volunteer!

From doing different activities at the orphanage to taking them to the local pool, she has made the past weeks a memorable experience for the girls.

How a Volunteer in Cusco did a great job

Laura not only gave of her time in volunteering, but she kindly donated to the orphanage as well. Laura and our AMAUTA Volunteer Coordinator went shopping at a local shopping center in Cusco, el Molino, to purchase some things for the girls.

In addition to some cleaning supplies that were requested by the orphanage director, Laura purchased 3 pink scooters, lots of balls, stylish hair accessories, a DVD player, and some movies.

How a Volunteer in Cusco did a great job

It was really touching to see how amazed the girls they were at her gifts. Right as she walked in, the girls flocked to her and couldn´t wait to play with their new things. They showered her with hugs and were so excited for her to come back in the afternoon to play again.

Laura made a huge impact on these kids even in just the few weeks she was here. She has been an amazing volunteer and a successful Spanish student in Cusco.

How a Volunteer in Cusco did a great job

Amauta Spanish School and the volunteer project, the orphanage, were both lucky to have her here in Cusco!

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