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Volunteer in a Peruvian Hospital in Cusco

Wednesday July 01, 2015 - Posted by to Volunteer Work
Volunteer in a Peruvian Hospital in Cusco

Volunteer in a Peruvian Hospital in Cusco.
Meet Patricia. She is 24 and a trained nurse from Switzerland. Currently she is living in Cusco (Peru) for a five-month volunteer program in Peru, in a local hospital.

Patricia finished her studies for professional operating technique in 2013 and in order to gain more work experience in nursing she decided to further her career and advance her practical skills abroad. That’s when she received information about the Spanish and volunteer programs from AMAUTA Peru and she decided to travel to Cusco.

Before starting her job in the hospital San Juan de Dios, she took a four-week Spanish course at Amauta Peru to prepare herself linguistically and culturally for working with Peruvian patients and doctors.

As Patricia already has a lot of expertise she is able to work in different departments of the hospital. The first month she is working in the triaje of San Juan de Dios, where she is assisting the nurses and doctors in receiving patients, weighing, measuring and taking blood pressure.


Unlike in her previous job in Switzerland, here she has way more personal contact with patients, which is a huge plus for improving her Spanish skills.

Patricia is very happy in the hospital and feels well received by her colleagues. She was offered to work in different fields such as pediatric, neurology, traumatology, psychiatry and general medicine and can decide herself which area she wants to work in.

Next month she will transfer to a regional hospital where she will be assisting in the operation room, which is her favorite part of being a trained nurse.

Patricia says that working in all these different departments gives her a great insight in Peruvian health care and an amazing chance to practice her language Spanish skills and her Medical Spanish.


Thank you Patricia for all your help, positive energy and catching enthusiasm!

P. D. AMAUTA offers medical volunteer placements, and a Medical Spanish Course in Cusco with fixed starting dates that include medical shadowing, lectures about Peruvian traditional medicine, roleplays, visit to different hospitals and much more. Our Medical Spanish starts on July 6th, August 3rd, September 21st and October 19. You can register here.

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