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Volunteer project in a local community in Cusco needs volunteers to help with a new hydraulic system

Wednesday March 05, 2014 - Posted by to Volunteer Work
Volunteer project in a local community in Cusco needs volunteers to help with a new hydraulic system

Being in charge of the AMAUTA Volunteer Program, our volunteer coordinator visits the projects we work with on a regular base. This to ensure the evaluate the participation of the AMAUTA volunteers in the different projects and to keep up with the developments at our volunteer projects in Peru.

A few days ago, she visited the community of Tankarpata where one of the projects we work with takes place. This is an NGO created four years ago to support the development of this community.

The NGO focusses on three main areas: education, health and development. At the moment, one of the most important projects carried out by their team is the reconstruction/renovation of the hydraulic system of the village, situated 40mn outside of Cusco by motorized vehicle.

The objective of this project is to provide the 900 persons of the community with drinking water. Why is this so important? Nowadays, 95% of the children of the community are infected with parasites because of the water. As we know children are our future and the development of the community becomes reality though their education. Yet, how could this happens when all children are sick?

Also, the parasites touch everyone, of any age, and make affected people’s immune system more vulnerable in front of any kind of disease.

Tankarpata in a Volunteer Work in Cusco

The economy of Tankarpata is mostly based on farming and cattle rising.

Thus, the sickness of a member of one family has serious consequences for their capability of self-support, especially considering that the population this community is mainly composed of underprivileged people.

Providing them with drinking water will take a lot of time and hard work and involves: changing the tubes, renovating the reservoirs to make them bigger, to eliminate the leaks and protect them and to install a purification system.

At the same time workshops and lectures will be organized to empower the beneficiaries so that they will be able to take care of the maintenance of the whole new hydraulic system by themselves.

An employee of the Health Minister will be coming over every three months to check that they are doing it properly and to make some tests about the drinkability of the water.

Amauta Volunteer Coordinator and President Founder

From left to right: Eduardo – General coordinator of the NGO; Nico – Health Minister employee; Cesar – President of the community; Mélanie – Volunteer coordinator AMAUTA Spanish School Peru; Patricia – President founder of Legacies in Motion

In order to help this project to become real, AMAUTA is planning to send, in addition to the regular volunteers we send throughout the year, groups of volunteers to help out with the construction and renovation works.

Moreover, AMAUTA Spanish School is collaborating to foreigner partners to raise funds for this project.

Do you want to participate in our volunteer program in Peru and support this project? Please contact us at AMAUTA Cusco.

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