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Volunteer work in Cusco at the Clínica San Juan de Dios

Monday September 30, 2013 - Posted by to Volunteer Work
Voluntariado in Peru

Volunteer work in Cusco at the Clínica San Juan de Dios

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa

If you are looking for volunteer options in Cusco Peru, it’s definitely worth to considering doing volunteer work at the Clinica San Juan de Dios, just a few minutes out of the city center of Cusco. AMAUTA Spanish School can organize a placement for you at this clinic for students with different backgrounds.

Since opening in 1982 San Juan de Dios Clinic in Cusco has been providing an abundance of love for several disabled boys and girls in the surroundings of Cusco. The Clinic has given them an opportunity for education and socialization at the school on the property. The Clinic also offers a number of health care services from general medicine to many more specialized services such as; Neurology, Orthodontics, Cardiology, Urology, Psychology, Neurosurgery also Physical and Speech Therapy. While some children visit the clinic during the weekdays, others live there.

San Juan de Dios was a Portuguese soldier who traveled to Spain and became a health care worker. He gained followers through all of his work; eventually they formed Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God. This Catholic Institute was formed in dedication to the care of the ill and also those suffering from mental disorders. This particular Order has also been given the responsibility of the medical care of the pope.


Voluntariado in San Juan de Dios, Cusco


Helping hands

While the Clinical San Juan de Dios in Cusco currently provides so much for these children already, they can still use the help of volunteers. Next to to helping hands of volunteers, they also accept cash and supply donations.

If you are studying Spanish in Cusco : AMAUTA organizes a weekly visit to San Juan de Dios. For a small amount of money (aprox. USD $ 3,5 that will be donated to the clinic), the volunteer work coordinator take you to the Clinic with a few other people. She will introduce you to some of the staff and most of all to the kids, giving you the opportunity to share a few beautiful moments with them.

If you want to take something: these children could use more educational supplies such as books, pencils, paper, crayons, markers, and more art supplies. Also, hygiene supplies such as soap, toilet paper, wet wipes, toiletries and diapers are greatly appreciated. They would also benefit from more toys, games, and other recreational items.


Voluntariado in San Juan de Dios, Cusco

Volunteer work in Cusco at the Clínica San Juan de Dios


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5 thoughts on “Volunteer work in Cusco at the Clínica San Juan de Dios

  1. Anne

    I love this place! I’ve been there last year and these children are just adorable!! “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”, so true!

    1. webmaster Post author

      John, of course we can take care of it. Please come to AMAUTA at Calle Suecia 480 and we will make sure to take it to the Clinica! Thanks!

  2. PeruTraveler

    I just did 6 weeks of volunteer work here and it was a really amazing experience. All volunteers are welcome, even if your Spanish is not very good, or if you have just a short time available, I really loved it.


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