Volunteer Work in Cusco: read Emily’s story

Tuesday June 02, 2015 - Posted by to Volunteer Work
Volunteer Work in Cusco: read Emily’s story

Volunteer Work in Cusco: read Emily’s story

Emily has been working in one of AMAUTA´s volunteer programs for 4 months as part of her studies in Social Work in Sweden. She is volunteering in Cusco in a rehabilitation center for young girls, victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Up to 20 girls around 15 years old live for about 7 months in the center and they are not allowed to leave without supervision. The objectives of the project are to restore self-esteem, improve the way they think about themselves, to teach the girls about the values of society and either reintegrate them into their families or find a way for them to be financially independent.



Daily activities at Volunteer work

Emily has been planning and helping with activities like cooking, art and crafts, and activities to improve self-esteem and to help them talk about their feelings. They also make jewelry to raise money for the project and to buy materials.

Emily is a great volunteer who really loves the project and is doing a super job there, and the girls love having her around. Emily will be missed greatly.




 Spanish &  Accommodation

Are you interested in coming to Cusco for a volunteer placement or internship in Peru?
Cusco is a beautiful small town high up in the Peruvian Andes, a great destination for volunteering. While working you improve your Spanish skills, you learn about living in Peru and make new friends, both local people and other volunteers and Spanish students.
You can choose to live with a local Peruvian host family or in our Volunteer Residence, located within our Spanish School AMAUTA in the city center of Cusco, at Calle San Agustin 249.

Breakfast and a home-cooked lunch will be served daily.





For more info about Volunteer work and Spanish courses and availability for 2015, contact us .

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