Why Volunteering in Cusco Should be on Your Bucket List

Thursday December 03, 2015 - Posted by to Volunteer Work
Why Volunteering in Cusco Should be on Your Bucket List

Why Volunteering in Cusco Should be on Your Bucket List

At the reference of a former student, Frank and Jaqueline Kuijpers decided to contact AMAUTA Spanish School, to have us organizer their volunteer work in Cusco at a clinic for mentally and physically disabled children in Cusco. There came looking for a way to help others and learn more about how Peruvian society works. Together with our volunteer coordinator, they indeed came to understand more about the Peruvian health care system, and how it functions within the society. But more important, they also had many opportunities to help the children within the clinic and the system.


Our volunteers described their role in the clinic in Cusco where they spent every afternoon for two weeks very simply: “Just to make the kids smile – to give them a moment to enjoy the day.” They brought these beautiful smiles to the kids’ faces by simply paying attention to them in many different ways: they fed the children, took them for walks, held their hands, played with them, and helped them learn motor skills by coloring.


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Best Experience doing Volunteer Work in Peru

These motivated volunteers described the joy they saw in the faces of the children as the best part of the experience. Coming in contact with each child in Cusco, each with a different background and each with different challenges, also provided them with a deep joy. They expressed their enthusiasm for interacting with the children, learning each of their special interests, and how to bring a smile to each face. Just getting to spend a few hours a day playing with children who otherwise have very little was something that stood out to Frank and Jaqueline. When asked which part of the experience doing volunteer work in Peru they would remember most they unanimously exclaimed: “The kids!”


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Thanks to AMAUTA

As they talked about the experience in general they expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn some of the positives and negatives of the Peruvian health care system thanks to AMAUTA. They also explained how happy they were for what they had learned and what they had been able to experience. They mused for a few minutes about how hard-working and focused the nurses and care-givers were. But overall they wanted to emphasize how positive their experience had been. It was easy to see by their smiles while talking about the children in the clinic that they sincerely loved their work and the kids they had come to know and care for in just two short weeks!



Spanish Lessons in Buenos Aires



Are you interested in our Volunteer work in Cusco?

Contact us for more information about our Volunteer Program in Peru on our website about and/or download our project list.



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