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Volunteering in Peru

Friday August 19, 2016 - Posted by to Volunteer Work
Volunteering in Peru

Volunteering in Peru is an amazing experience. One of our many volunteers, Lynn, did her volunteering in Peru at one of our after school projects in Cusco. Lynn did a great job, and she even prepared a ´´Luxemburg Day´´ to teach the children about her home country. The kids loved it! We asked her a few questions about her time here in Cusco and about volunteering in Peru!

  • Where did you do your volunteering and what did you do there?

    I was in after school project within the city of Cusco, during the afternoons. The activities that I did varied; I played with the kids outside and inside, I taught them English, I helped out with Bible class, and sometimes we cooked together.


  • What was your favorite thing about volunteering in Peru at this particular project?

    There are actually 2 things. I really liked the team. They are from all over the world and they were all really nice. But I mostly enjoyed spending time with the Peruvian kids and seeing them happy.

    Volunteering in Peru


  • What were you most surprised about while living in Cusco?

    I think the most surprising thing was when I arrived in Lima, that there was so much crime. I had read about it, but I was still shocked when I heard from a taxi driver everything that was going on. I am happy that crime is not that bad in Cusco.
    I am also surprised at how many travelers there are here. But still Cusco has a very authentic atmosphere.


  • Do you notice a difference between kids in Peru and kids in Luxemburg?

    Yes, definitely. On one hand, both kids from Peru and Luxemburg like playing and having fun. However, kids in Peru sometimes show less respect and need to be disciplined more than once. One good thing, though, is that they are eager to help you. When you are preparing something or cleaning up, they are always trying to help out. That is something that you wouldn´t see in Luxemburg.

    Volunteering in Peru


  • What did you like the most about living at the AMAUTA Student and Volunteer Residence?

    I liked that there were people from all over the world and that everyone is very open-minded. We got to know each other very quickly. I also really loved the free salsa lessons on Friday evenings!

  • What was the best Peruvian food/plate that you tried?

    For me, definitely, alpaca a la plancha. It was really nice, I ate it when I was in Aguas Calientes, when visiting Machu Picchu. That was the first time I had tried it and it was really good!

  • Do you have any recommendations for volunteers that come to Cusco?

    I would tell them to try to be prepared with their Spanish, because it is way easier if you can communicate with the kids. Even a base of Spanish is a good start so that you can talk to the children.

  • Would you recommend AMAUTA Spanish School to those who want to study and volunteer in Cusco? If so, why?

    Yes, I would. The AMAUTA location is really good. It is close to everything, within the city center of Cusco, and the rooms are quite nice. Also, the communication between the school and the projects is really good, so they can help you whenever you have a problem at your volunteer project. Sarah is doing a great job as the AMAUTA Volunteer coordinator. Plus, I really enjoyed the Spanish lessons. In the beginning it was hard because it was so intense, but it was so fun! A great way to start my volunteering in Peru.

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