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What are our Most Popular 2016 Blogs?

Thursday December 29, 2016 - Posted by to Spanish Language Tips
What are our Most Popular Blogs from 2016?

What are our Most Popular 2016 Blogs?

If you are interested in learning Spanish in Peru or Argentina, and you also enjoy reading about Spanish Learning Tips and about Peruvian or Argentine Culture, you might just LOVE this short list that includes our Most Popular 2016 Blogs. We have organizing the blogs in four sections.

# 1 Section Spanish Learning

What are our Most Popular Blogs from 2016? - Spanish Learning

Spanish Course for Travelers, Spanish Tips & Phrases

The article about our Spanish course for Travelers was our most popular Spanish Learning blog, followed by “40 Spanish phrases you should know” and by the “15 Tips to getting a Head Start on Your Spanish”.

Spanish for Travelers gives you an idea about the what can be learnt in a very short period of time thanks to this really intensive Spanish course in Peru.

Our experienced Spanish teachers focus on speaking and on listening skills, including spanish phrases and expressions that are used while traveling in Peru. You will be able to get out of your travel experience, if you speak (some) Spanish!.

# 2 Section Food and Cuisine


What are our Most Popular Blogs from 2016? - Food and Cuisine


Peruvian food is amazing, and our students in Cusco are curious to find out about the variety and amazing flavors of the Peruvian cuisine. The most popular blog articles in this section are therefore “5 amazing bars and restaurants you must Visit in Cusco”.

There is also interest in alternative options, our blog “Where to Eat Gluten Free in Cusco” is a popular one too.

Last but not least: great to see our students are interested in so many aspects of Latin American culture, as in this case: What you Need to Know about Mate Drinking, a blog that includes a fun instruction video “how to drink mate” by one of our Spanish Teachers in Buenos Aires. So nice for our students taking Spanish classes in Argentina.

#3 Section Volunteer work in Peru and Argentina


What are our Most Popular Blogs from 2016? - Volunteer work in Peru and Argentina


By far the most popular blog in the section “Volunteer work in Peru and Argentina” is our Gap Year in Peru article that descibes all the great opportunities in Peru for younger and older students and/or ex-students. A Gap Year in Peru includes opportunities to learn the Spanish language, to live with a Peruvian family, or in a student residence, to explore the surroundings of Cusco and of Peru, and of doing volunteer work in Peru. Another popular option for people interesteding in Volunteer Work in Peru is th article about “Teaching English in Peru”. The third most popular blog was: “Noah’s story: about learning Spanish and Volunteering in Peru” that includes Noah’s beautiful video.

#4 Section Culture


What are our Most Popular Blogs from 2016? - Culture


The #1 blog post in this section relates about the impressive Festivals in Peru, a unique opportunity for every student studying Spanish abroad to see and to even participate in the colorful Peruvian festivals. Our blogs describes “6 festivals that will Peru on your map“. The second most popular blog, is about Argentine culture: a great checklist of ‘need to knows’ about Argentine culture, costums and traditions, that will prepare you for social life in Argentina and interaction with your Argentine host family, among others.

Last but not least: a fun blog written by one of our Spanish students and about what she found interesting and fascinating during her first weeks learning Spanish in Peru: Seven Questions I Continue to ask Myself Since Arriving in Cusco.

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