What to do on A Weekend Trip to Uruguay

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What to do Weekend Trip to Uruguay

What to do Weekend Trip to Uruguay

If you are learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, make sure you program a day (or longer) for a visit to Uruguay. Especially Colonia del Sacramento, a charming colonial town, should be on top of your list. Colonia is located just an hour away by ferry from Buenos Aires. From here, you can take the bus to the Uruguayan capital city Montevideo, just three hours away.

So if you are looking for a nice tour on your What to do in Buenos Aires listing, make sure you do not forget Colonia nor Montevideo. Uruguayans are very friendly people, the landscape is beautiful and serene and the Uruguayan food (fresh from the sea) is amazing! Why miss the chance of seeing this magnificent country? A weekend trip to Uruguay can be easily arranged, for example at the administration of our Spanish School in Buenos Aires, and will be an unforgettable experience! Below, you will find an example itinerary of what to do in a weekend in Uruguay.


Montevideo Uruguay Amauta


Day 1 Visit Colonia de Sacramento

On a Friday morning (or afternoon, if prefer to depart after your Spanish classes in the morning), you can take the ferry from the Buquebus station in Puerto Madero (Buenos Aires) to Colonia del Sacramento. In Colonia, there is a wide range of hotels and hostels that you can book for one night. Once you have arrived, you can drop off your stuff at the hotel or hostel and explore the city, go out for a drink or have dinner at one of the nice restaurants in the old city center.

*If you don’t have a complete weekend, remember Colonia can also be visited on on day!


Colonia Weekend Tour


Day 2 Visit Montevideo

Wake up in your lovely hostel in Colonia de Sacramento and enjoy the complimentary breakfast or visit one of the many panaderias to get yourself a coffee and something sweet. After breakfast and check out, you can discover the beautiful colonial town for the rest of the morning. Around midday, back to the hostel to grab your stuff and then go to the bus station to catch the bus to Montevideo. Once you have arrived in Montevideo, leave your stuff and check-in to your hotel or hostel. After that, you´ll have all day to discover Montevideo!

*The bus terminal in Montevideo is called: Tres Cruces


Colonia Visit Amauta Students


Day 3 Explore Montevideo and back to BA

On day3, you can either choose to spend the day in Montevideo or take a bus to Punta del Este, which takes 2 hours. Take into account what time you want to be back for the ferry back to Buenos Aires. The latest one departs at 17:45.


What to do Weekend Trip to Uruguay


I recommend you stay in Montevideo. It is a nice and large city that has plenty of fun things to do in Montevideo to keep you occupied! In the afternoon, you can take the ferry back to Buenos Aires. In case you have an extra day, a visit to Punta del Este is a great recommendation!

*The Ferry terminal in Montevideo is located in the harbour, in the old part of town


What to do Weekend Trip to Uruguay


Plan your weekend trip from Buenos Aires to Colonia & Montevideo (Uruguay)

Ferry, 3 options:

  • Buquebus: the most expensive, but most comfortable
  • Seacat Express: less expensive, same comfort
  • Colonia Express: cheapest, but not very resistant to the waves (you can get nauseous)

*Address of the ferry terminal in Buenos Aires: Antártida Argentina 821, Puerto Madero

Bus to Montevideo from Colonia

  • Buses depart every hour and it is not necessary to book in advance. Just go there directly and book your ticket!
  • The bus station is in the same building where you arrived with the ferry


What to do Weekend Trip to Uruguay


Of course you can also stay in Montevideo
and take a week of Spanish lessons in Montevideo.

Please contact us for more information
or write info@amautaspanish.com

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