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Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?

Sunday October 17, 2021 - Posted by to Spanish Language Tips
Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish

Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?

Why so many people are heading to South America to learn Spanish  – and especially to countries such as Peru, or Ecuador?   Keep on reading and find out why Peru is the perfect place to learn Spanish!

We’ve listed the best Seven Reasons Why is Peru the perfect place to Learn Spanish?

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Why study  Spanish in Peru


# 1- Peruvian Spanish is perfect for any level of Spanish 

Peruvian Spanish? Peru is the perfect country for beginners in Spanish!

As Peruvians merely have an accent and are easy to understand (see above), Peru is often chosen as the best destination for a Spanish course by low level Spanish speakers or beginners.

Best Spanish of Latin America is spoken in Peru! 

According to a survey by the University of Chile in 2013, Peruvians speak the best Spanish in Latin America. Apart from other measures, the study concentrated on pronunciation and the use of Spanish vocabulary.

(Funny fact: Chile itself was among the worst Spanish-speaking countries in the study …)



Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?


# 2- Study Spanish in Peru is the cheaper option! 

Are you on a tight budget but you still want to invest in learning Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country? Then you should come to Peru!

If in a more developed country such as Spain, the cost of groceries, rent, restaurants and travelling will be high, whereas in Peru, you might pay only a third of what you are used to because the Dollar and Euro have a lot more purchasing power in Latin America and especially in Peru.

Therefore, traveling in Peru and between Latin American countries is very cheap in comparison to Europe.


Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?


# 3 – Traveling after your Spanish classes? Peru has it all: impressive nature  and culture!

Peru offers everything! While learning the Spanish language, you have the opportunity to explore Peru´s great variety of nature and culture.

Peru is considered a Hot Spot for biodiversity where you can make trips into nature, a pure adventure!

Enjoy the Peruvian “trinity” of Coast, High-mountains and Jungle, while getting to know Peru´s unique Cultural Heritages, festivals and people.

Of course, you do not want to miss out travel to the Inca Town Machu Picchu

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Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?



#4 – Learn Spanish while exploration different destinations in Peru! 

Do you want to take advantage of every second of this unique outdoor and cultural experience?

No problem – you can take your Spanish classes in Peru outdoors at various places in Peru!

Apart from Cusco, there are also Spanish programs in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and in the rainforest of Tambopata.


Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?


If you want to enjoy the flourishing city life, we offer Spanish classes in the ancient Inca capital of Cusco and in the exiting

modern day city of Lima, the Peruvian capital.


Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?


# 5- Peru offers the opportunity to volunteer after your Spanish class 

Peru is an inspiring country. Many students and tourists who visit the country decide to use their travel time not only for themselves,

but also to give something back to the society.

There are loads of possibilities to volunteer in Peru: be it only a few days or a couple of weeks, the experienceof volunteering in Peru is very rewarding!


Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?


#6 – You won’t have to worry about getting delicious food! 

The Peruvian cuisine combines influences of the Spanish, African, Chinese, and Japanese cultures, making every dish a tasty experience.

Once you´ve tried popular Peruvian delicacies, you won’t be able to stop; another reason why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish.


  1.  CEVICHE One of the dishes you should try is  “Ceviche”:  a dish based with fish marinated in lemon juice and served with sweet potatoes, Andean corn, salad and rice.


Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?


2.   PISCO SOUR. Secondly, you do not want to miss “Pisco Sour”, Peru´s national drink: pisco. Pisco sour it is prepared with the liquor

Pisco, lemon, battered egg white and syrup.


Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?


3.  PERUVIAN CHOCOLATE. Remember to try Peruvian Chocolate: Chocolate has been cultivated in Peru since the Incan times,

being its entrance ticket to several world contests.


Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?


#7- It is impossible to get bored in Peru! 

Whether you would like a pure nature experience, are interested in history and museums, or want to enjoy the festivals and nightlife of Peru´s cities, there is something for everyone´s tastes!

While in Peru, you will not only learn Spanish in a perfect environment but will also experience ancient histories, modern life, a colourful

culture and a landscape like no other! This makes peru a unique destination for a gap year in Peru too!

So now you know, why is Peru the best place to learn Spanish!

Why is Peru the perfect place to learn Spanish?

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