Why study Spanish in Buenos Aires?

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Don’t wait any longer if you are interested in taking a Spanish course in Buenos Aires: below you will find 6 wonderful reasons to study Spanish in Buenos Aires and make the most out of your experience in this electric city full of history, passion, culture, nightlife Spanish language.

Why study Spanish in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is a vibrant and intriguing capital city, and an absolute joy to visit. The city is perfect for a truly cultural experience, for studying Spanish at one of the many professional language institutes such as AMAUTA Spanish School, for volunteering, or for just living and enjoying the atmosphere for a while. The opportunities are pretty much endless, and here we give you a few of the many important reasons to plan a visit to this exciting city!

  1. Visit the Bosques de Palermo or Rosendal, 25 hectare green zone in the center of the Palermo neighborhood, right smack dab in the center of Buenos Aires. This area is famous for its lakes, groves and rose gardens that you can traverse on foot or by bicycle. You can also row a boat on one of 3 lakes. This area is an oasis that allows you to forget about the crowds on the streets of the city for a while!
  2. Bosques de Palermo, Argentina

  3. A former storage area is now one of the most well-known streets in Buenos Aires. The street has inspired tangos, most famously El Caminito, composed by Juan de Dios Filiberto in the 1920s. In the 1950s, a street theater popped up, and in the 1970s, local artists began to show their work, and the houses were painted a variety of bright colors. This street, at only 100 meters in length, is symbolic of Buenos Aires and is now actually an outdoor museum! Be sure to stroll down this dynamic street during your trip to BA!

  4. The Plaza de Mayo, in central Buenos Aires – named in honor of 25 May 1810, marking the creation of the first independent Argentine government. Many important historical events have occurred here, and it continues to be an important gathering place for events and demonstrations. It´s also an easy place to start when visiting some of the most famous BA landmarks, including the Casa Rosado or the Cabildo!
  5. Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires

  6. The cemetery of Recoleta, which is home to 4800+ tombs situated on 55000 square meters of land, was built by Bernardino Rivadavi and opened in 1822. It hosts the remains of many important Argentine people, with 70 of the tombs actually classified as historic monuments. The most famous Argentinian buried here is likely Eva Peron, of Evita fame. This is an extraordinary location to visit, check it out!

  7. After 20 years of construction, the Teatro Colon was inaugurated in 1908. This building is known as one of the loveliest theaters in the world! Many prestigious and world-renowned artists such as Maria Callas, Caruso, and Igor Stravinsky, have performed here. This concert hall, with its near perfect acoustics, can seat 4000. This place exudes luxury, from its red velvet chairs, beautiful candlesticks, to seating areas with private bathrooms. This theater is recently restored, and a visit is highly recommended to all who love music! Be sure to book in advance to guarantee yourself a seat.
  8. Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires

  9. AMAUTA Spanish School organizes communicative Spanish classes for all levels in small groups (average 3 o 4) with fun, native and professional teachers. Together with the staff and the students themselves, they all form a big team or family and spend a lot of time together. If you register for a Spanish course in Buenos Aires after reading this blog, you can get 1 week of Spanish classes for free if you book 2 weeks!

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3 thoughts on “Why study Spanish in Buenos Aires?

  1. Eva

    I had spanish lessons at Amauta a few months ago, I can totally recommend it! Two reasons: amauta is a great school with very good teachers!! And ofcours the amazing city which this blog describes very well. Now I really want to try amauta peru 🙂

  2. Larissa

    Me encanta el Bosque de Palermo! I had such a nice time learning some Spanish in Buenos Aires – can just recommend everybody to spend some time in Argentina, its the best!!!


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