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Why visit Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires?

Wednesday May 20, 2015 - Posted by to Latin American Culture & Food, Latin American Travel
Waarom een bezoek aan Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires?

Why visit Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires? When you are learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the countless places you can to go. A definite must is a visit to the famous Grand Café Tortoni on Avenida de Mayo. This big café was selected as one of the ten most beautiful cafes in the world! Many say that Café Tortoni is a touristic attraction, which it is. However, still many porteños enjoy their daily café cortado. After reading the following reasons, you know why you must visit Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires at least once during your stay in the beautiful Argentine capital. 

Authentic atmosphere
Café Tortoni is well-known for its authentic atmosphere. It is said that it is the most authentic restaurant in Buenos Aires. In the back of the café you can play billiards, dominoes and dice. Whereas in the basement the tango shows are held as well as occasional jazz performances. The camareros are all dressed in uniform and will definitely contribute to your experience. Many famous people have entered the doors of the café such as Albert Einstein and Hillary Clinton. But also famous local Argentine people for example tango icon Carlos Gardel and great Spanish writer Jorge Luis Borges.

When you step into the café, you take a step back in time. The café was opened in 1858 and you can follow the history of the famous café through the countless pictures that are framed on the walls. The café started in the backside of the building with the entrance on the side of Rivadavia. A few years later the original entrance was established and up until now it hasn’t changed a bit!


Tango show
If you want to see a nice tango show which is also affordable, Café Tortoni offers different tango shows every day! The dancers interact with the audience in a very nice and charming way without being rude or anything which is very entertaining. The show that I have been to was telling the story of Carlos Gardel which was very interesting and amusing! If you want to include dinner as well, go for the dinner show. In our case we got a very nice steak, dessert and a bottle of wine (per table).

Great coffee and food
Café Tortoni isn’t known for its exquisite food, however the dinner and especially the steak that we had during the show, were very good! When you ask somebody what you should take in Café Tortoni, most people will recommend you the cafés most famous delicious coffees and the heavenly hot chocolate with churros. These are perfect for the colder days that are ahead of us now that winter has started!


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