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Destinations: Learn Spanish in Latin America

Learn Spanish in Peru
Learn Spanish Latin America, Peru
AMAUTA Spanish School in Latin America offers the unique opportunity to study Spanish and learn the Spanish language while immersed in Peruvian culture.

Our Spanish language school in Peru is located in stunning Cusco, the former capital of the legendary Inca Empire, close to the world famous lost city of the Incas...
Learn Spanish in Argentina
Learn Spanish Latin America, Argentina
AMAUTA Spanish School offers the unique opportunity to get to grips with the Spanish language while living in “the Paris of South America” - Buenos Aires! AMAUTA organizes intensive Spanish courses and is situated in the beautiful Barolo Palace, in the city center of Buenos Aires, at a few minutes from the most well-known sites of the city, such as the famous Obelisc, the National Congress and the Pink House.
Learn Spanish in Uruguay
Learn Spanish Latin America, Uruguay
Bordered by the enormous expanses of Argentina and Brazil, by large rivers and the Atlantic Ocean, Uruguay is located in a privileged setting in South America, making it a great destination to learn Spanish. People are astonished by the pure white sandy beaches, the dunes and creeks and the small bays with peaceful waters.
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