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Learn Spanish in Argentina

Our Spanish students in Argentina

AMAUTA Spanish School in Argentina offers the unique opportunity to learn the Spanish language while immersing yourself in the fascinating Argentine culture in “the Paris of South America” - Buenos Aires!.

AMAUTA Spanish School is not just a place to learn Spanish in Argentina, it’s where you can make friends, meet new people and find yourself part of a community. Our students come from all over the world to study at our Spanish school, resulting in an incredible diversity of people and never a shortage of stories to share. Once you arrive you won’t want to leave!.

Study Spanish in our school, which has bright classrooms and big windows overlooking the streets of the popular Palermo neighborhood. There's also a coffee bar and common room for students with WIFI and computers.

We offer a huge variety of Spanish language immersion courses, from our most basic 20 hours of group or individual classes per week, to medical Spanish, Spanish with volunteering, Spanish and TEFL and many other interesting options.

In addition to our Spanish classes, we have cultural courses taught through a diverse and interactive style, including field trips to museums, art galleries, parks and the famous Recoleta Cemetery.

If you are interested in learning about local Argentine gaucho culture, we recommend studying Spanish in Argentina as part of our Spanish in the pampas program, where you spend a week learning at a lovely estancia.

For more daring types, we offer combinations of Spanish study with adventure activities such as Spanish and polo. Of course, you could also combine your Spanish classes with tango lessons, wine tasting or cooking classes!.

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires
Dubbed the 'Paris of South America', Buenos Aires boasts European sophistication mixed with a distinct, Latin charm. Thanks to innumerable bars and cafes, colorful neighborhoods, and an energetic nightlife, it’s hard to get bored in the Argentine capital, making it an ideal place to spend a few weeks studying Spanish. What’s more, our Spanish school in Buenos Aires is right in the transport hub of Argentina, meaning you’re never far from the rest of the country via domestic flight. Within a few hours, you can head north to Iguazu Falls, south to Patagonia, or west to the Andes mountains, while a short ferry ride brings you to Uruguay and the famous beach resort, Punta Del Este.
Learn Spanish in Bariloche
Bariloche – the portal to Patagonia - is a wonderful place to learn Spanish in Argentina. Mountains and lakes surround this picturesque, lakeside town allowing you to combine a Spanish course with adventure, including rafting, kayaking, paragliding, horseback riding, skiing, fly fishing and even scuba diving. Bariloche is a central axis for travel around the Lake District, meaning you’ll never be short of a pretty nearby town to visit, making it a great place to learn Spanish.
Learn Spanish in the Pampas
Study Spanish in Argentina, at the heart of gaucho culture in the Pampas! Many of our students spend time studying Spanish in Buenos Aires before heading to the countryside, finding that the tranquility and intimacy of traditional Argentine life here complements their experience of the big city. You will live in a rural house with a typical Argentinian country family. This guarantees a unique and authentic immersion into the rural life of the Argentinean countryside. In our Spanish immersion program in the Pampas, your Spanish lessons take place in the morning, and in the afternoon you will help out with farm activities such as feeding livestock and assisting with milking operations. The combination of Spanish classes and rural activities allows you to truly get to know the lifestyle of the people living in the Argentinean countryside!.
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