Festivals and Holidays in Argentina

Festivals and Holidays In Argentina

Festivals & Holidays In Argentina

National Festival of Chacarera (1st and 2nd, January)
National Festival of Chacarera
Festival of the santiagueña folkloric music with the participation of renown artists. Poets of the North encounter. It shows regional of clothes. Demonstrations and activities of gauchos groupings.
The Carnival Gualeguaychú (5th, 12th, 19th and 26th, February)
The Carnival Gualeguaychu
Carnival of the country, Parade of different groups: O Bahia del Club Pescadores de Gualeguaychú, Marí Marí of Club Central Entrerriano and Kamarr from Sirio Libanés center.
Handmade carnivals of Lincoln (5th to 20th, February)
Handmade carnivals of Lincoln
Parade of coaches for the Av. Masey, mini coaches, processions, infantile and grandparent´s parade, headstrong and mask. Processions, musical bands and popular dances. Lincoln, Buenos Aires.
International fair of hunting, fishing, shooting and outdoor weapons.
fair of hunting, fishing and shooting
International fair of Weapons, Hunt, Fishing and Outdoors and VII National saloon of Sport Fishing. Buenos Aires. Capital Federal.
Anniversary of the death of General José de San Martín (17th, August )
Anniversary of General Jose de San Martin
Holiday effective the third Monday of the month.
The return of the International tournament of Gilding Fishing
International tournament of Gilding Fishing
International tournament of Fishing of the Gilding with devolution. - Pioneer tournament in this modality of preserving the resources and especially the gilding that is developed in the Island Cerrito (Chaco), paradise of the varied and coastal fishing. Fishing teams of Brazil, Paraguay the country participate. Expo-fishing, nautical fishing fair and, variety of foods; camping s with bonfires and spas; sport and recreational activities.
Day of the Race (12th, October)
Day of the Race
Americas Day (Colón Day). If the date falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the holiday will be effective on the preceding Monday; if it falls on Thursday or Friday, the holiday will be effective the following Monday.
Fly fishing
Fly fishing
International Exposition of the fishing and the tourism. Buenos Aires, Capital Federal.
The Wine and the Sea
The Wine and the Sea
Exhibition auspices by Cellars of Argentina, with two saloons: one guided to wines and cellars, and the other one, to Gourmet products and gastronomic inputs. Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.
Provincial and International festivity of the Beer.
Denominated "Capital of the Happiness" for their people´s characteristic, this city of the center of the county, during eight nights opens its arms Missions and its hearts welcoming to all the Brazilian, Chilean, Paraguayans and Uruguayan, to live wonderful days of unification and pleasing memories. Missions.
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