Anniversary of the Death of General José de San Martin (Festival in Argentina)

anniversary of the death of Jose de San Martin

The Anniversary of the Death of General José de San Martín

August 17th marks the anniversary of the death of General San Martin; liberator of America.

Argentina recognizes him as the “Padre de la Patria”, (Father of the native country). Perú remembers the liberator of the country who had titles such as “Fundador de la Libertad del Perú”, (founder of the freedom of Perú), and “Fundador de la República” y “Generalísimo de las Armas” ( founder of the Republic and supreme commander of weapons). In Chile he was known as ‘Captain General’

Beyond its liberator, San Martin is a fundamental part of the construction of the national identity. Bartolomé Mitre, through his famous history of San Martin and Ricardo Rojas with the ‘Saint of the Sword’ created the image of the hero. From this famous heroic figure was created a great story that was told to the country, and from this, Argentina’s hero was born. Therefore, his life is remembered on the anniversary of his death and his story told in our schools. This great story defines the community and should make us think and reconsider our road to a fair country with supreme freedom.

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