Day of the Race (Festival in Argentina)

Day of the race

Day of the Race

‘The day of the Race’ was introduced to bring together those towns or countries that have language, origin or religion in common. This date is considered a time stop and think, and to be aware that American nations should be plural with their cultural, ethnical and racial views.

The 12th of October commemorates the date on which, during the expedition of Christopher Columbus, he arrived on the shores of the American islands in 1492. The 12th of October is therefore considered a memorable day as it was the time of initial contact between Europe and America and resulted in the naming of “the finding of the two worlds”. It transformed the vision of the world and the lives of Europeans and Americans.

However, the 12th of October 1492 did not reveal the existence of the Americas, as Christopher Columbus believed he had actually arrived in India, he didn’t suspect that he had discovered the continent of the Americas. After Columbus, other voyages were made under the Spanish crown such as Núñez de Balboa who crossed Panamá on foot and found the Pacific Ocean in 1513. Then Francisco Hernández de Córdoba in1517 and Juan de Grijalva in 1518 travelled around the coasts of México. It was between 1451 and 1512 that Florentino Américo Vespucio journeyed around the north coast of South America, the coasts of Brazil and the south of Patagonia, and finally came to realise that what Columbus had discovered in 1492 was not India but a new continent to which he gave his name: América.

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