Fly Fishing (Festival in Argentina)

Fly fishing

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a passionate sport that is difficult to convey in words. One could ask, why do people do it? One certainty is that the experience should always be a personal one.

It can be easily summarised, a fly that is a part of the diet of the fish, is carefully made by the fisherman from feathers, hairs and threads to imitate a live insect which is used as an artificial temptation for the fish. This is the first stage of this passionate sport.

In Argentina in the early 1900’s, the explorer and discoverer, Perito Francisco Pascasio Moreno, who spent his lifetime in Patagonia and Argentina, suggested the introduction of fish to our waters so as to create a high value sport. As such, young brown and rainbow trout arrived in the waters of the United States and Europe, which rapidly adapted to their environment, reproducing in the wild without help from mankind.

In order to understand the sacrifice of these fishermen, it must be emphasized that during these times, journeys to south Argentina were made from Buenos Aires by cart taking days to arrive, but their efforts were well worth the pain. In Patagonia today, there is no water course that does not have trout. In addition, the last century has left its influence on the fishing world: rivers and lakes are all home to large trout that all safeguard their own stories and legends.

To say today that fly fishing in Argentina is a registered trademark that should be nurtured and protected is not something unreal. Thousands of fishermen from all over the world arrive during the fishing season to check out the wealth of the stocks and the indescribable magic that these places hold.

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