Handmade Carnivals of Lincoln (Festival in Argentina)

Handmade carnivals of Lincoln

Handmade Carnivals of Lincoln

Every February Lincoln hosts a carnival lasting for almost a week, attracting a significant amount of tourists to the area.

The carnivals are the most traditional festival of Lincoln, exhibiting an attractive parade of hand created floats that in some cases can be up to ten metres in length and four metres wide. They are true works of art and proudly move through the city streets creating great amazement and happiness amongst the multitude of spectators.

Masks, mini-floats and the famous ‘cabezudos’ all come together to create a colourful spectacular that captivates the crowds’ attention with their originality and skill. Dance teams, musicians, ‘batucadas’ and samba dance schools all come together with infectious shouts of rhythm and movement. Corsican children wear innocent and creative disguises, dancing in lines with bright expressive faces showing no signs of exhaustion by the sensational event.

Capital Nacional del Carnaval Artesanal, Lincoln, is captivated every year with these nights of pure art, dance and dazzle.

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