The Carnival Gualeguaychú (Festival in Argentina)


Carnaval de Gualeguaychú

The months of January, February and the first week of March are dedicated to carnival time in Gualeguaychú.

The carnival parade shows off high quality costumes and the carefully synchronized choreography with a grand display of floats. This is Argentina’s most spectacular summer carnival, appreciated in an imposing setting where tens of thousands of people party in front of the passing carnival dancers.

The Gualeguaychú carnival is considered one of the best in the world together with those of Rio de Janeiro, and Venice and its hierarchy. It has earned recognition in Argentina’s media and that of various countries worldwide. There are hundreds of characters in the parade, many impressive floats, and there is great creativity and talent involved in the making of the costumes. Throughout the carnival it is possible to see more than 70 thousand feathers, and costumes adorned with over 500,000 sequins and pearls.

The great show takes place in first ‘corsódromo’ (arena) of Argentina, which was opened in 1997; the second in South America with a seating capacity for 40,000 people. There are stands, chairs and a VIP area. The strong rhythm of Brazil was born out of the street musicians of Uruguay, reminiscent of the feathers of ‘Corrientes’. Organized by sports and social clubs, basically it is the blood of Gualeguaychú that creates this amazing, unique show, giving it its own distinctive stamp.

The carnival signifies the most important social, cultural and economic event in Gualeguaychú’s calendar and is a touristic phenomenon every summer, bringing in a wealth of foreign currency; equalling the annual municipal budget. The event has thousands of participants, both on and off the scene

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